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IDEA Award 2023: Nominations are Now Open

We are delighted to announce that the nominations for the prestigious national-level accolade in Malaysia, the IDEA Award, have been opened! This is an amazing opportunity for the leaders out there looking for a chance and taking the initiative to be more recognizable in their own fields.


About the Award

The ‘Idea Award’ aims to empower, inspire and celebrates the exceptional achievements and contributions of Malaysian entrepreneurs and business leaders within the business community in Malaysia which perform Muslim business practices. This distinguished award serves as an inspiration an shedding lights on the impressive hard work by business leaders and entrepreneur who are driven by their vision.

This celebratory event will not only bring spotlights on Muslim business leaders and entrepreneurs, but also to the non-Muslim leaders who aligns with Muslim business practices guidelines. It will also serve as a platform for networking, connections and any potential collaborations. This is a unique opportunity for individuals who are like-minded to meet, connect, exchange new knowledge and create new connections beyond borders and different cultures.

We are here to amplify the message of unity and mutual respect across diverse of communities. To embody our vision of empowerment, inspiration and celebration, we want to invite you to join us in this journey to build a community sharing the same values in the Muslim practicing business and contribute significantly to the global economy.

Why Nominate?

This opportunity to be nominated on Idea Award is not just about recognition, but also gaining new professional connections and new networking opportunities. The nominees who participate in this award event will receive these benefits according to an agreement between parties:

Media Package

    • Idea Award 2023 Official Trophy

    • Idea Award 2023 Official Endorsement Certificate

    • Rights to use Idea logo with the year 2023 accreditation

    • Exclusive profile story feature in Idea Award website

Award Night

    • Corporate dinner table at Idea Award 2023

    • Invitation to networking cocktail session before the reception dinner

    • Exclusive red carpet video interview

    • Exclusive red carpet photoshoot

Media Appreciation

    • Muslim Economy Night Corporate Networking Dinner

    • Featured in Idea Award social media sites

    • Featured in Idea Award 2023 booklet

    • Article write up about winner profile story in TV Al-Hijrah Facebook Page

    • Winner “Welcome Mention” in live broadcast TV Al-Hijrah Facebook Page

    • Grand Congratulatory for winner in LED billboard around KL City

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome nominations across a wide range of categories to ensure that the diversity of talent and accomplishments are recognized. Nominations will be thoroughly evaluated based on the following requirements:

    1. Business Aligned with Islamic Guidelines: The business must demonstrate alignment with Islamic ethical and moral principals. The business operations, which include the design, production and delivery of the products and services, should not contradict Islamic values. There should be no criminal records, no moral issues, or any elements of fraud or deception.
    2. Halal Certification: Business in the food and beverage industry requires a Halal certification.
    3. Demonstrate Excellence: The business should have a proven track record of excellence in the industry. Annual sales of more than RM1,000,000 should be achieved.
    4. Legal Compliance: The business must operate in compliance with Malaysia laws and regulations. Must possess one set of the company’s SSM registration.
    5. Financial Transparency and Accountability: The business operations should be responsible in financial management, transparent in financial reporting, practice financial ethics and be held accountable to stakeholders. There should be no riba (interest) or haram (forbidden) transactions that involve such things as alcohol, gambling and pork.
    6. Diversity and Inclusivity: While the award focuses on businesses that align with Islamic principles, participation is also open to all non-Muslim-owned businesses, as long as their business practices are in line with Islamic guidelines.
    7. Customer Satisfaction: The business must place importance on customer satisfaction and maintain high standards in customer relations.

Important Dates

    • Nominations Deadline: Will be announced

    • Award Ceremony: 14 October 2023

Join Us

The Idea Award event is more than just an event. This is the opportunity for all business leaders and entrepreneurs in Malaysia to be a part of a meaningful gathering that brings together like-minded innovative minds in the business community.

To avoid missing out, nominate a deserved leader or self-nominate and secure a place at the Idea Award ceremony that will be held in less than three months. Submit nominations at





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