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Empowering the Malaysian Armed Forces in Accordance with the 12th Malaysia Plan

The Department of MAF Veteran Affairs (JHEV ATM) was established on October 11, 2000, under the Ministry of Defense in recognition of the sacrifices made by ATM veterans. Its establishment aims to manage welfare, medical, and educational affairs and to assist in improving the socio-economic status and managing retirement facilities for members of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) who have completed their service.

“On the first day I set foot in this department, I was determined to prioritize ATM veterans by ensuring that welfare and socio-economic affairs are taken care of through the motto ‘Caring, Committed, and Responsive’,” said Major General Zambery Jefry, Director General of JHEV.

 Mejar Jeneral Zambery Jefry Bin Haji Darus received the award presented by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Minister of Works, alongside Professor (Adj) UTHM Hj Adam Richman, Head Committee of IDEA Award 2023

To improve the financial well-being of ATM veterans after their service, the focus is on entrepreneurship. This aligns with the 12th Malaysia Plan, which aims to narrow the economic gap between different income groups, with a specific emphasis on supporting ATM veterans. One of the challenges faced is the growing number of veterans seeking welfare assistance. To address this, initiatives like the Special Hero Fund (KTP) campaign are underway to secure additional funding from corporate sponsors. JHEV ATM continues to provide support through welfare programs and medical services. This year, the government has doubled its allocation for veteran welfare from RM 33 million to RM 56 million. Another challenge is the unequal competition for job opportunities between veterans and the general public, influenced by age and career specialization. However, efforts are being made to match veterans with suitable career paths based on their skills and experience.

The skills program for ATM veterans involves expenditures exceeding RM5 million. Short-term planning involves strengthening networks and collaborations with various parties. Second job opportunities for ATM veterans are also expanded through the Protege Program with Ministry of Defense contract recipient companies. Various facilities, including grants and financing, have also been provided by the government.

“I am deeply touched and grateful for being awarded the Most Distinguished Leader at the prestigious IDEA Award 2023 ceremony held on November 3, 2023. I take this opportunity to express my highest appreciation and gratitude for this award. Indeed, it will be a catalyst for me to continue serving and contributing to the community and the nation, especially in my special social responsibility to ATM veterans,” he said.

“They need to be committed, strive, try new things, take risks to gain experience, and improve their weaknesses. They also need to consider current economic developments and national unemployment rate reports. ATM veterans, in particular, are advised to erode the mentality of being salary earners and explore entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are not tied to employers. Therefore, they are more flexible in planning for better results and can also create new job opportunities,” he said to entrepreneurs. The vision of JHEV ATM is to make it the leading advocate for the welfare of ATM veterans.

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