Awards and Recognition

Aspires to Help Muslims Achieve Life Goals Through Gold Savings

Beginning with basic knowledge of the benefits of gold savings, coupled with experience and expertise in ICT system development, MEEM Gold & Jewellery was established to become one of the Shariah-compliant gold and silver savings and investment platforms.

“We were inspired to help more Malaysians understand and benefit from gold savings in deeper financial management. Furthermore, to assist more Muslims in achieving life goals, including performing Hajj and Umrah with gold savings. Additionally, we aim to help more Muslims generate passive income while making long-term savings.”

Changing society’s perception of misunderstandings about gold and silver savings is one of the challenges they face. Moreover, they need to compete with non-Islamic companies that have long existed. This poses a challenge for the company to be recognized and trusted by the public. “To overcome these obstacles, we take initiatives to enhance Islamic businesses by collaborating with the Malaysian Islamic Consumer Association (PPIM) and various other parties.”

“I feel extremely grateful and happy to be recognized under the category of Most Trusted Muslim Brand because this award is not just a prize to boast about, but the IDEA Award 2023 is a huge responsibility for me. This responsibility is to ensure that customers can trust in our Shariah-compliant business transactions and to ensure that empowering the economic strength of the ummah is our goal.”

“For entrepreneurs, honesty and trustworthiness are important qualities to cultivate within oneself for the good of the organization and as a whole. Also, always maintain a relationship with Allah and humanity. Furthermore, strive to create brotherhood through transactions.”

MEEM Gold & Jewellery aim to be the primary alternative for Muslims to conduct Shariah-compliant gold and silver transactions online. They aspire to be the leading gold savings platform to achieve more effective goals, serve as a guide for Shariah-compliant gold businesses, and provide education on gold as a financial solution for the community. With all these goals in mind, they aim to move towards providing the latest technological solutions to meet the needs of Malaysia with the “Shared Prosperity Vision 2030”, providing a conducive working environment and dynamic workforce, and maximizing resources and returns for shareholders.

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