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Fulfilling Malaysians with 15K House Keys For Their Anniversary in 2025

Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad embarks on its inaugural journey by providing access to over 80,000 citizen supporters of cooperative business activities, through the provision of quality services. Established in 2011, this cooperative encompasses municipal workers nationwide, necessitating a paradigm shift to assist members in addressing socio-economic challenges in urban areas nationwide. Financial credit transactions and housing issues are the main pillars that need to be addressed.

“The story of the Prophet’s wealthiest companion, Abdul Rahman bin Auf, who never felt poor despite owning rotten dates, is one of our inspirations to emulate. A life blessed and content with the mercy of Allah SWT, along with the spirit of contributing to the ummah, serves as our main motivation in planning cooperative business strategies for sustainability and credibility, both locally and globally.”

Ybhg. Dato’ Yapri Kamaruzaman Bin Kushairi received the award presented by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Minister of Works, alongside Professor (Adj) UTHM Hj Adam Richman, Head Committee of IDEA Award 2023

“Our main challenge is to convince all stakeholders and shareholders of our business. Convincing customers takes time and patience. Therefore, the process of convincing customers is a continuous effort by all Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad employees, providing commitment and delivering quality services.”

“We are thrilled and grateful to God for this prestigious award. The recognition given to Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad as the winner of the IDEA Award 2023 under the category ‘Brand of the Year’ is an acknowledgment that the quality level and work results of this brand need to be maintained. This achievement will inspire the employees of Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad to produce higher-quality services and products for the community.”

“Entrepreneurs need to build their own brand uniqueness and offer services to customers. Additionally, they should continuously strive and learn the intricacies of business until they gain the trust of the public. Furthermore, sincere actions based on belief in the Creator, Al-Khaliq, are crucial in providing the best service. As stewards entrusted with responsibility on this earth, we will surely deliver the best. God willing, we will succeed.”

To celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2025, Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad aims to deliver house keys to 15,000 Malaysians nationwide. “It is our aspiration to share profits in line with a 15% target by 2025 to provide sustainable and optimal economic impact to all stakeholders and interested parties in the cooperative. Achieving the ‘Senarai Indeks 100 Koperasi Terbaik di Malaysia’ list in Towards Excellence 2025 is a benchmark desired by Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad employees. Meanwhile, efforts to enhance the level of governance and management towards ISO certification are being pursued to achieve business goals.”

Koperasi Bandaraya Maju Berhad hopes to be empowered to achieve brand excellence on the global and regional stage.

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