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11 Years of Herbal Juice Business: From Zero to 15k Bottles Sold Annually

Hassan Habib Resources is a business that offers medicinal drinks using the herbal botanical Hasyifah juice blend to treat various types of illnesses. The drink’s formula is initially derived from the infusion of water boiled with Lalang grass (Imperata cylindrica), a sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica), and ‘dedalu’ leaves. It is specifically created for those facing conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, joint and bone issues, and all kinds of tumors. In addition to providing beneficial beverages, advisory services are also available to assist their patients.

Mohd Hassan Ibrahim, the founder of Hassan Habib Resources, has been involved in the business world since 2003. Starting with providing traditional treatments at home on a small scale, he assisted customers, most of whom were dealing with cancer and heart diseases. In 2020, the idea to bottle the Hasyifah herbal product emerged due to increased customer demand for treatment and consumption of Hasyifah herbs.

Therefore, they could not meet the demand by only preparing the Hasyifah herbs by boiling them. The medicinal drink company began bottling the product with a quantity of 500 bottles. Since then, the purchase of Hasyifah herbal juice has continued to increase, with an estimated customer purchase of 15,000 bottles each year.

“My inspiration is to create new steps in advancing the business and ensuring its progress into the future. I will strive with the best of my ability to achieve high success so that my dreams are fulfilled,” he said about his aspirations.

Not having any knowledge in the IT field was a challenge that he faced. “I did not know how to introduce my product to every Malaysian.” Therefore, his family members assisted him, with the help of a marketing assistant, to learn how to market Hasyifah herbal juice products more widely and also invest in them.

“I feel grateful and thankful because Hasyifah herbal product has been selected as one of the winners of the IDEA Award 2023,” he said. Hassan Habib Resources has won an award in the Most Trusted Brand category. “I am also grateful to my teams who have helped elevate Hassan Habib Resources,” he added.

“To be successful entrepreneurs, we need to continue striving without giving up. Increase learning about business from those who have succeeded. We do not need to rely on others for help,” he advises aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hassan Habib Resources aims to continue leading a business that steps up one level after another without looking back. They want to help individuals facing various health problems, especially those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine in Malaysia and around the world.

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