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Fashion Brand to Reach Global Standards, Making Malaysia a Spotlight

Beginning in the name of friendship, graduates from UiTM’s Faculty of Fashion, Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil, collaborated to form the fashion brand Rizman Ruzaini. In 2005, they embarked seriously on this fashion brand, initially focusing on bridal wear design and later expanding their business scope to create several supporting brands such as RR by Rizman Ruzaini, Rizman Ruzaini RED, Rizman Ruzaini Couture, and Rizman Ruzaini Bridal Couture.

As one of the leading local fashion labels in the country, Rizman Ruzaini is often the choice of celebrities, royalty, and VIPs, and through RR by Rizman Ruzaini, it is accessible to people from all walks of life. Rizman Ruzaini has received numerous awards and has showcased fashion events both nationally and internationally. The latest was at Dubai Fashion Week, featuring world-renowned fashion icon Naomi Campbell, who modeled their creations.

IDEA Award Winner 2023 - Rizman Ruzaini - Best Islamic Fashion Business Award - Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil
 Rizman Nordin dan Ruzaini Jamil received the award presented by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Minister of Works, alongside Professor (Adj) UTHM Hj Adam Richman, Head Committee of IDEA Award 2023

“Our inspiration comes from the people around us who are the backbone and strength—our wives, children, family, friends, and the employees in our company. They are individuals who constantly inspire us to continue creating and achieving success,” they said.

Their challenge arose when they realized they lacked specific knowledge. “At that time, we were running the business with basic knowledge. As one of the founders of Rizman Ruzaini, I participated in programs and classes related to the business world. Detailed knowledge from these classes facilitated the management of our business. Additionally, we were able to expand our network. Through this, it became our inspiration to succeed, like classmates sharing experiences and knowledge.”

“We express gratitude to those who have chosen our brand, Rizman Ruzaini. The IDEA Award 2023 is very meaningful for us, as we have been in this industry for almost two decades. We hope our brand continues to receive honor and recognition. This award serves as an encouragement for Rizman Ruzaini to continue working hard while sharing success with everyone,” they said, winning the award in the Best Islamic Fashion Business category.

IDEA Award Winner 2023 - Rizman Ruzaini - Best Islamic Fashion Business Award - Fashion Brand to Reach Global Standards, Making Malaysia a Spotlight

“For those who want to venture into business, you are highly welcomed. For us, it is a fun battle. The key is not to give up; understand the mission and vision of the business; and know where you want to take the business. Every setback is an experience, and every success is strength,” they added for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rizman Ruzaini Creations aspires to be a brand that puts Malaysia on the global fashion map. Additionally, the fashion brand aims to shape Malaysia’s fashion industry to global business standards, providing exclusive value to clients in the fashion industry. They also want to contribute to Malaysia’s economy through this business sector.

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