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IDEA Award 2023 Winner: Duyong Marina & Resort 

Duyong Marina & Resort, a government-owned hotel in Terengganu, has undergone significant transformations over the years. Initially known as Kelab Teluk Warisan, famous for hosting the ‘Monsoon Cup’ in Kuala Terengganu, it evolved from offering only Deluxe rooms to becoming a comprehensive resort with diverse accommodation options and event spaces.

The most impactful move for Duyong Marina & Resort has been its transition to a Sharia-compliant hospitality company. Inspired by observing hotels adhering to Sharia guidelines, the management made it a responsibility to position Duyong Marina & Resort as a Sharia-compliant hotel.

Despite fierce competition in Kuala Terengganu’s bustling hotel scene, Duyong Marina & Resort distinguishes itself by offering a unique chalet experience surrounded by nature, providing privacy and tranquility away from the city buzz. The strategic location with the best view of the iconic Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge further attracts guests.

The pinnacle of their achievements came with recognition at the IDEA Award 2023, where Duyong Marina & Resort was honored with the “Best Muslim Consumers Choice” award. Grateful for the acknowledgement, the management expresses pride in the team’s efforts and give thanks the organizers for this prestigious accolade.

To stand out, Duyong Marina & Resort focuses on unique selling points, offering competitive accommodation prices, maintaining service quality, strengthening branding through advertising, and ensuring competitive pricing. Marketing strategies play a significant role in the success of a business.

The company’s vision is to be the preferred resort and banquet provider in the East Coast region by 2030. This award serves as a stepping stone for Duyong Marina & Resort to advance further in achieving recognition as a Sharia-compliant hotel. Plans include separate swimming pools for men and women, reinforcing their commitment to providing excellent facilities for various events, from weddings to seminars, aligning with their vision for the future.

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