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Zety Roses Legacy Sdn Bhd

Meet Dr Sharifah Marzety Adibah Al Sayed Mohamad, better known as Dr Zety Roses, the owner of Zety Roses Legacy Sdn Bhd, an agro-tourism business that specializes in horticulture, roses, yams, and more.


Located in Kg Tanjung Aur, Jln Pantai Ali, Telemong Hulu Terengganu, Zety Roses has quickly become one of the largest rose gardens in Malaysia, offering a variety of rose-based products such as beauty items, rose water, and perfumes.


The inspiration behind the business started with a simple hobby and a deep interest in roses. As a former counselling and psychology lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Dr Zety wanted to focus on selling rose plants, which eventually led to the creation of her rose garden.


Despite facing paralysis and being wheelchair-bound for a year, Dr Zety overcame her biggest challenge and used it as a source of motivation and inspiration to concentrate on her business full-time. Dr Zety’s hard work and dedication have been recognized, as she recently won the World Muslimpreneur award, a great achievement that has inspired her to continue spreading her wings even further.


For those new to the business world, Dr Zety’s advice is to never give up, as success requires time and effort. She also emphasizes the importance of knowledge and trust in Allah. Dr Zety’s vision for Zety Roses is to become the largest rose, yam, vine, flora, and tropical garden in Malaysia, offering various services for the sustainability of universal nature.


In the future, Zety Roses plan to expand and create a resort, a seminar and a wedding venue and offer rose tea food products and rose syrup. Taman Zety Roses aim to contribute to the national economy by creating job opportunities for locals and producing millionaire entrepreneurs in the business fields created. Zety Roses Legacy Sdn Bhd is not just a business, but a passion that Dr Zety has turned into a successful and flourishing enterprise. With her determination and vision, there is no doubt that Zety Roses will continue to bloom and grow for years to come.







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