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Leader to Drive Digitalization For SMEs and Traders with ERP Solutions

Armiena Group Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumiputera-owned company established in July 2020 in the field of digitalization and technology. It is also known as a “Business Digital Transformation Solution Provider,” focusing on traders and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its establishment is the result of the transformation of two companies.

Their focus is in the software engineering and information technology sectors. With their expertise and extensive experience, they have been mandated and appointed as consultants, facilitators, speakers, and MARA entrepreneurship panelists who have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and companies in adapting digital technology and ERP in their businesses.

Armiena Group receives IDEA Award 2023
Muhammad Shamim Bin Shafiee received the award presented by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Minister of Works, alongside Professor (Adj) UTHM Hj Adam Richman, Head Committee of IDEA Award 2023

They are responsible for developing, planning, marketing, and coordinating all digitalization programs and solutions and adapting to Industry 4.0. This is to help raise awareness at the SME level in Malaysia towards the ‘Industry4RWD’ and Malaysia Digital Policy. They have helped more than 600 entrepreneurs, consisting of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers from various sectors and industries

“I see that a business or endeavor will be more meaningful if I can build a happy family. Many see family as their main inspiration to advance in the future,” said Muhammad Shamim, the owner of Armiena Group. “For me, great ideas and hard work are easy to implement, but having a happy family is not as easy as hoped. Money, position, and a vast business empire do not guarantee family happiness. Isn’t a happy family a greater inspiration?” he said about his inspiration.

Their challenges lie in financial areas such as capital issues, cash flow, budget, receivables, account management, debt management, and company operating costs and other expenses. “To face these challenges, I seek expert help in financial management and ensure that income and profits exceed the costs and debts of the business,” he told Muslim Insiders.

Bringing home awards as the winner of the Brand Excellence CEO Award and Extraordinary Achievement of the Year for the IDEA Award 2023 was beyond his expectations. “I feel very proud and touched. Hopefully, what I receive will be a blessed and beneficial gift for all parties,” he said.

“Avoid getting defensive when receiving customer feedback. A business is done to solve customer problems. We need to accept when customers tell us that the products offered cannot solve their problems. If you want to continue a business idea, receiving a lot of positive responses is one of the very good signs,” he stated.

“We want to be part of the driving force or facilitator of efficient administrative digitalization for the grassroots SME community marginalized by technology while building the business community’s capacity with data processing and analysis,” he said about their company’s vision.

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