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Aim to Empower Women in Hijab with Hijab Care Worldwide

NIQA was established in 2017 by Farila Kasim and Fazlia Akma. The company provides various types of hijab care products to assist hijabistas in maintaining their favorite headscarves. NIQA now offers several products tailored for women to care for their headscarves and clothing.

“Our goal is to enhance the hijab ecosystem by providing the best headscarf solutions to all hijab-wearing women worldwide,” they told Muslim Insiders.
“The idea to start this business stemmed from the problems we ourselves faced, such as sweat, facial oil, and foundation leaving marks on the hijab. It’s difficult to remove them with regular detergents.” From the challenges they faced, they came up with the idea to help other hijabistas out there. “Alhamdulillah, Niqa has been on the market since 2017, and has helped many women experiencing the same issues,” they added.

“Our inspiration is to establish NIQA as a 100% Bumiputera product and company that can become the leading producer of headscarf care products worldwide. This also serves to inspire Muslim women out there to value themselves and take pride in wearing the hijab.”

NIQA’s challenge lies in marketing a product with no competition. Additionally, they find it difficult to convince individuals out there about the existence of their product.

“We face challenges alongside a team that can work together to build confidence in ourselves and the public about the existence of our product. NIQA has a large and strong team consisting of staff, agents, partners, and family who always provide support and encouragement to face any challenges.”

“NIQA has longed for Islamic-themed awards like the IDEA Award 2023. So, we are very proud to be selected as one of the recipients of this prestigious award, along with other great awardees.”

“The business world is challenging; each phase has its own challenges. As entrepreneurs, we need to be prepared to go through these phases. We need to be smart in seizing opportunities that can benefit our company, especially those that can enhance our branding.”

With that, NIQA aims to be the first company to introduce the first range of headscarf care products in Malaysia and expand this business not only in Malaysia but also worldwide.

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