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Meet Mohd Nadzri bin Kamarulzaman AMK, the founder of Idea Creative Technology Sdn Bhd (ICTSB) based in Neo Cyberjaya. His passion for digital system development led him to create two innovative platforms: Warongku, a super app, and Warongmall, an e-commerce platform.

ICTSB started in 2012 as a software development business, but when the Movement Control Order (MCO) hit Malaysia in 2020, Mohd Nadzri saw an opportunity to help small hawkers and traders affected by the pandemic. He developed the Warong Rider application, a delivery platform, and later transformed it into an e-commerce platform known as Warongku. 

Warongku offers a variety of systems, including cashless payment programs, QR order systems, and an e-commerce platform. Mohd Nadzri hopes to help digitize small hawkers and vendors’ businesses across the country. One of the most significant challenges for ICTSB has been competing with many similar software development companies while facing financial constraints. Despite the challenges, ICTSB received funding from SME Corp under the Micro Connector Program and is also a strategic partner under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (KUSKOP). 

Mohd Nadzri’s hard work and dedication to helping small traders have paid off, and he recently received an award for the Warongku project. This award is the highest ever achieved by ICTSB and provides encouragement to continue supporting hawkers and small traders across the country. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mohd Nadzri advises that experience and knowledge are more critical elements than money or capital. Using IT in business, including account systems, postal systems, and social media for marketing, is also vital for success. ICTSB’s vision is to ensure that 1.8 million hawkers and small traders throughout the country do not lag behind in digitization technology. 

Mohd Nadzri plans to expand the market out of the country by establishing strategic cooperation in several ASEAN countries, such as Singapore and Thailand, in 2023. In summary, Mohd Nadzri bin Kamarulzaman AMK is a visionary entrepreneur who is making a significant impact in the lives of small traders and hawkers. His innovative platforms, Warongku and Warongmall, have transformed the industry by providing digitization technology to those who need it most. 

As ICTSB expands its reach, Mohd Nadzri’s vision for the future is sure to bring positive changes to the industry and the lives of many.





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