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Alkauthar Eduqids Sdn Bhd

A Holistic Approach to Early-Year Education

Starting a business in the field of early-year education is a daunting task, but Nor Fadilah’s passion for making a difference led her to establish Al Kauthar Eduqids in 2013. With a holistic approach to education, Al Kauthar Eduqids focuses on developing the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and creative potentials of children, along with Islamic teachings. What sets this kindergarten apart from others in the market is its Early Intervention Program, designed for children with special needs such as Autism and Down Syndrome.

Since its inception, Al Kauthar Eduqids has expanded to 190 centres throughout Malaysia, with plans for further growth. Al Kauthar Eduqids offers a range of programs for children aged 1 to 6 years old, including preschool, Montessori, and Islamic advancement. Quality control is of utmost importance to the company, with monthly training programs for teachers, progress reports, and spot checks to ensure consistent excellence across its 190 branches in the Klang Valley area. An IT system is also in place for parents, teachers, and staff to access daily lesson plans and monitor children’s progress. With a turnover of RM 5M+ in the last financial year, Al Kauthar Eduqids caters to working parents, parents looking for Islamic education, and those seeking special needs therapy at reasonable prices.

The company anticipates continued growth in the future due to the high demand for quality daycare, early education centres, and kindergartens, as well as Special Needs Therapy. The brand has also received numerous awards, including the Malaysia Book of Records, Prestigious Young Leader in the Education & Training Industry, and Superbrands (Malaysia) awards. Founded by Nor Fadilah and her husband Bakhtiar Aliff, Al Kauthar Eduqids is committed to building a strong foundation for children based on Islamic spiritual and ethical values.

The brand has grown significantly since 2016 and plans to open 50 new centres by the end of 2023. Al Kauthar Eduqids has also signed MOUs with several universities in Malaysia to contribute to the growth and development of early childhood education and special needs. The ‘Al Kauthar’ name, derived from Surah Al Kauthar, reflects the brand’s commitment to abundance in knowledge. The EDU acronym stands for Education, Quranic learning, Ilmiah Learning, Development of the brain, and Skills Development. To ensure consistency across its numerous branches, Al Kauthar Eduqids has implemented mandatory monthly training programs, progress reports, and spot checks to monitor teacher attitudes and teaching methods. Parents can also monitor their child’s progress through an IT system accessible to teachers, staff, and owners.

Al Kauthar Eduqids seeks to build a world where all youth are safe, strong, and valued. Through consultation and proactive learning methods for parents, students, and teachers, the brand is dedicated to promoting the holistic development of young minds in Malaysia and beyond. With its commitment to excellence, Al Kauthar Eduqids is undoubtedly a brand to watch in the field of early-year education.





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