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Training Platform Sets to Make Waves Internationally Across 30 Countries

The Lawrence Walter Seminar is one of the top training platforms in Malaysia under an organization inspired to help individuals elevate their organization to a global standard.

They are experts in leadership, team building, aggressive sales, mindset transformation, and public speaking. Their seminars are designed with an energetic and interactive atmosphere. Additionally, the seminars focus on enhancing and applying the knowledge learned. It’s not just about understanding concepts but knowing what to do with the acquired knowledge.

“I have been inspired to empower future leaders to become more successful and inspire others.”

Not shying away from challenges like other entrepreneurs, they talk about the challenges faced while running the business. “We face challenges in convincing potential customers to demonstrate that the abilities within each individual are the greatest asset in an organization.”

As winners of the Islamic Distinguished Entrepreneur Award under the category of ‘Legendary Muslim Friendly Training Brand’, they said, “We feel extremely honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award.”

They offer some advice for those out there looking to venture into the same field. “To make the business appeal to the masses, I advise entrepreneurs to differentiate their business from others. By doing so, they can overcome other competitors.”

For their future endeavors, Lawrence Walter Seminar aims to step up to the global stage by reaching thirty countries. Through conducting these seminars, it can demonstrate that Malaysia can be a provider of world-class training and consultancy.

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