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Humaira’s Remarkable Achievement: Among the Top 500 Most Influential Women in Islamic Finance

Humaira Azam, a scholastic and anthophile who is the managing director and CEO of Trust Bank Limited, has been ranked among the 500 most influential women in Islamic business and finance and ranked 7th among the CEOs according to the “WOMANi Report 2023.”. This is the third successive time.

WOMANi is a part of a women empowerment program that lists the top 500 women every year. Their vision is to connect, encourage, and advocate for an expanding global network of women in Islamic business and finance. They celebrate the achievements of women professionals, such as their prestigious award event called the WOMANi Awards.

During 2021, she was recognized globally and honored; she was the first Bangladeshi woman to receive such an honour, according to a press release. She was also the first managing director at Trust Bank Ltd., located in Bangladesh.

The report was published by the Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance and produced by the Cambridge IFA.

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