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Meet Hakeema Rozainah, founder of Ibnu Sina Wellness, and the pioneer of a destiny- transforming formula based on fitrah (nature). She has helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome obstacles and cure chronic illnesses. By tailoring ancient knowledge for modern minds, she has enabled individuals to build more meaningful relationships both at home and at work. In this interview, Hakeema shares how she started her business, her biggest success, and her words of encouragement to budding entrepreneurs. 

Hakeema Rozainah started her wellness centre after facing a chaotic soul and searching for solutions to restore the strength of her lost nature. She was urged several times by the sheikhs to start the treatment for the community but did not do so until she lost six loved ones due to cancer. With the encouragement of the sheikhs and guidance from Hakeem, who is certified in Ibnu Sina’s medical science, she established Ibnu Sina Wellness in Malaysia in 2015. Since then, her centre has treated more than 1,000 patients from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Ibnu Sina Wellness has published almost 20 books in Bahasa Malaysia as a guide to healing the BODY-SOUL-MIND-SPIRIT of the Malaysian community. In addition, the NEW LIFE CHALLENGE program, which used to be taught via Zoom, is now being recorded in video form to be uploaded to the Ibnu Sina Wellness website so that the world can watch it at any time and place. This program is the result of formulas based on fitrah (nature) that has been studied, formulated, and certified over thousands of years.

Hakeema has simplified it according to modern language so that modern society can understand their body-soul-intellect-spirit system and how it works in order for them to live a happy-healthy-love-successful-rich life. Hakeema is excited to guide more people through the New Life Challenge Program, which is now easier, interactive, accessible, more comprehensive, and complete with thousands of scientific, religious, psychological & scientific research evidence. Ibnu Sina Wellness has won recognition from BBEA (Bumiputera Business Excellent Award) for promising business in holistic wellness. This shows the strength of the Ibnu Sina Wellness brand as a holistic wellness icon in Malaysia through the Overhaul Body treatment which has successfully lifted the joy of life for thousands of Malaysians, Indonesians & Singaporeans suffering from chronic diseases.

When asked how she feels about winning the award, Hakeema expresses her gratitude and happiness. She considers her patients returning to their true fitrah and enjoying the magic that flows when we are in a state of the essence, to be the greatest gift.

For those out there looking for business tips/strategies, Hakeema’s advice is to live a life based on true nature, which is capable of giving a genuine happy-healthy-love-successful-rich life. She warns against wasting time with the knowledge that is not based on fitrah.

Her words of encouragement to budding entrepreneurs are to prioritize their health. She advises them not to take their health for granted and to take care of JJAR’s health because the magnet of sustenance is found within their cells. When the cells are all clean and healthy, luck will find them.





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