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IDEA Award 2023 Winner: AG Nutrition International Sdn. Bhd. 

AG Nutrition is a health supplement brand in Malaysia that has been in the industry for over four years. From innovative products that have positively impacted thousands of users to business opportunities that have helped many achieve their financial goals, AG Nutrition is committed to transforming the health experience and quality of life for the better.

They started the business journey as a direct-selling company driven by a unique inspiration—that is, to create something extraordinary. The ability of this area of industry to transform ordinary individuals into entrepreneurs is also one of their inspirations. Direct selling, also known as person-to-person retail, is a business model that provides a dynamic platform that not only enables financial growth but also personal development and opportunities to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

They explained what makes them attracted to the network marketing industry. “One of the key factors that attracted us to the industry is the promise of entrepreneurial freedom. We have the autonomy to set our own goals, work independently, and become owners of our own company.” They believe in continuous learning and adaptation in the industry. Hence, seeking to expand knowledge and develop business skills has been a priority. With a supportive community, it motivates them a lot to move forward. As business leaders, they aim to be different and assist others in achieving their personal goals.

During the journey, they also face a lot of challenges. “Sometimes, shifts or conflicts occur due to misunderstandings or unmet demands. Therefore, we maintain clear communication about the reality of direct selling, including the time and effort required to help resolve these issues. Expectations must be realistic, and the benefits must be emphasized to the teams,” they told the Muslim Insiders. Other than that, when the members face difficulties, sometimes it is easy to become discouraged in such a negative situation. “For this reason, we provide continuous support, invest in training programs to develop skills, and offer mentoring to the team. We also have to adapt to the business landscape and team needs. Therefore, we are sensitive in evaluating strategies, becoming more open, flexible, and adapting to new approaches to address the needs of the team and company members,” they added.

They shared one challenge that cannot be avoided in the industry: “Not everyone in the network will stay. Therefore, it is essential to understand that attrition or decline, is natural in the network marketing business. Focus on maintaining perseverance and resilience, as these qualities will help overcome challenges.”

Winning the IDEA award has added significant credibility and reputation to their profile as entrepreneurs. “It proves our commitment and contribution to the Islamic business community, building trust and confidence among potential partners, investors, and customers. Winning this award enhances the visibility of our business and brand recognition.”

The recognition does not only bring benefits to their own business but also to the team members within the company. “Winning this award can also boost the morale and motivation of our employees and company members. It shows that they are part of a successful and prestigious organization, enhancing productivity and retention. It can also attract talents who want to be part of our team. Additionally, it can open doors to new markets, both locally and internationally.”

As owners of a network marketing company that has been in existence for over four years, they shared how to thrive in the industry. “Providing mentorship, training, and relevant resources will help individuals interested in understanding this industry. In addition to effective sales techniques, the importance of personal growth should also be emphasized. Encourage goal-setting, relationship-building, and ethical practices while emphasizing the need for perseverance. Furthermore, provide continuous support, recognition, and access to exclusive events to motivate them and connect them to a supportive community. Most importantly, all success stories need to be shared to inspire them to maintain a positive attitude, resilience, and commitment on their journey to success.”

Therefore, their aim is to persist in advancing and refining quality products and services, ultimately enriching the lives of both consumers and distributors.

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