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Regretting Your Business, Which Was a Hobby? Here’s How to Turn Things Around

You start your journey as an entrepreneur because you think skills from your hobby will turn into a waste, especially if you are good at it. However, there are times that you experience struggles, which makes what you are doing no longer fun. As you ponder, “Am I even doing the right thing?” What if I am telling you that experiencing those challenges is part of the journey and not because you have chosen the wrong path?

There is nothing wrong with making a profit out of your hobby. It is just that feeling of joy that is missing. So, what should you do to regain the spark and joy of doing that hobby?

Reflect on why you started it

Revisit that moment when you decided to start a business. What drives you to it? What are your motivations for pursuing these goals? People start businesses for different reasons. The reasons can be due to how you are able to provide value to others by making an impact on society, such as by gaining financial freedom. In addition, as you reflect on why you started, it will create drive and help you gain that passion. Also, you will be able to see whether the business is on the right track towards reaching that goal.

Set boundaries between work and hobbies

If you keep finding it difficult to focus during your leisure time or your business, this can be draining, and you might even be wasting time. How? As you are focusing on business, you might even suddenly feel disengaged and have the need to abandon the current task and do what excites you more. This is why it is essential to set boundaries between your “work time” and “me time.” This way, you will find it more relaxing without the pressure. Not only that, separating your working space from your hobby space could help a lot in clearing that mental clutter and helping you get into focus or flow.

Explore another interest

This might be a sign for you to do other things during your leisure time, since you cannot focus fully on them. Take this as a chance for you to explore other new hobbies or activities that excite you. If you are a creative person, try music, cooking, or arts and if you are an outdoor person, you could try exploring new places, hiking, or riding a bicycle. Life does not end just because your hobby is no longer enjoyable. Embrace it and let it go, because there are more other hobbies to explore for a meaningful life.

Find out what is missing and put that in your business

Embarking into an entrepreneurial journey can indeed bring some pressure since we want businesses to keep experiencing growth. If you find that your business is stagnant and there is little progress, try to find out what is missing to gain momentum. As an entrepreneur, doing market research, analysing customer feedback, and strategizing a business plan could help them find what is actually needed for the business. By identifying what is missing and making it into your business, you can enhance your competitive edge, attract new customers, and have long-term success in your venture.

Focus on your personal development

There is a reason why you transform your hobby into a business. It is because you find them fun and enjoy doing them. When you dive deep into your interest by attending workshops, classes, and seminars that are related to that hobby, you will find it easier to keep that enthusiasm alive. Other than getting that passion back, through these personal development activities, you can gain more insights, perspectives and even new ideas that are beneficial to your business growth.


In conclusion, if you regret turning your hobby into a business, remember that experiencing challenges and doubts is a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey. It might also be a sign that you should find a new hobby and dive deeper into that business journey to get the most out of it. By reflecting, you will be able to rediscover the spark and joy that you have been missing.

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