Working Will Not Feel like Work, If You Achieve This State

Have you encountered a moment where you felt a deep sense of calm and focus while doing your task? Then, you are actually in a state of flow. Being in this zone will make it feel like working does not feel like work.

Achieving a State of Flow for Deep Focus

Also referred to as a state of creative flow, flow occurs when someone is fully immersed in activities. During this state, the time may feel as if it is moving slowly and everything else fades away. When someone is in a state of flow, they may experience “aha moments,” which are sudden realizations or insights into a problem or a new understanding of a concept. This experience is a result of intense focus, taking some breaks after thinking, having discussions with others and also being exposed to new ideas. According to research, this “aha moment” tends to have more correct solutions than the ones you deliberately think about.

Benefits of Flow for Productivity

Flow, also known as being in the zone, enhances productivity. It helps individuals focus on tasks, leading to improved efficiency. With the right balance of challenge and skill, flow can improve performance and creativity.

How to enter a flow state?

Here are some of the conditions for entering that flow:

  • Set clear goals and get immediate feedback: Setting clear goals and receiving feedback (e.g. from mentors, productivity tools or tools with metrics) can help you stay focused and engaged. This clarity keeps you on track and motivated to continue.
  • Give yourself a challenge: Finding the right balance between your skills and the challenge at hand is crucial for entering a flow state. Pushing yourself just enough can help you stay immersed in the task.
  • Minimize any distractions: Try to eliminate distractions, whether they are external or internal, such as using the Pomodoro technique, which is the key. Creating a quiet and focused environment can help you fully engage with the task at hand.

Tips to enter and sustain that flow

Before entering that creative flow, you should know what the tasks are that you will be working on. Other than having a clear goal for what you want to achieve, you should:

  • Set a routine
  • Break task into manageable chunks
  • Engage in deep work practices such as digital detox and blocking distractions
  • Take regular breaks

Overcoming Challenges in Achieving Flow

Procrastination is a big challenge to getting any work done. To avoid procrastination, the tip is to just start doing it and avoid thinking about the negative outcomes. It is better to start than regret why you are not doing it, which can lead to a higher stress level. However, when you start to face mental blocks, it can be hard for you to get new ideas. Overcoming this may require finding other methods to do the tasks, seeking inspirations or taking a break.

Cultivate a Flow-Friendly Environment

Designing a Productive Workspace

Creating an environment with a great ambience where you can have a deep focus can improve your overall mood. Proper lighting, decor and layout based on your preferences can boost motivation to start working. Choose suitable decor that can spark creativity, such as plants or wall art, so that you can produce creative ideas. Not only physical workspace, it is also essential to create and manage a digital workspace, such as Slack, ClickUp, Asana, or Notion, so that you will have a better overview of your tasks and progress.

Incorporating Breaks and Physical Movement

Ensure to do tasks by taking regular breaks to boost productivity and increase motivation. By taking regular breaks, you allow your mind and body to recharge, preventing fatigue and burnout. Stretching, looking at a view or doing things that are not related to work can improve focus. Also, as simple as a 5-minute break after 25 to 30 minutes of focused work can improve overall work performance, based on the Pomodoro technique.


In conclusion, achieving a state of flow transforms work into a deeply engaging and fulfilling experience. This state of intense focus and immersion enhances productivity and creativity, as well as a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with our tasks. By being in a state of flow, we can unlock our full potential and find joy and meaning in our work.

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