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Tun Emas Sdn Bhd

Get to know Ku Mohd Fikri Hanif Bin Ku Puteh, the man behind the gold company Tun Emas Sdn Bhd, which operates out of Kuala Nerang in the state of Kedah. Since its inception in 2009 as a house-to-house sales operation, the company has developed into a successful enterprise that serves thousands of clients. The interest that Fikri had in the realm of business served as the impetus for the establishment of Tun Emas.

After recognising the substantial opportunities and potential in the gold industry, his mother, Mrs Nozhatunsima Binti Ghazali, came up with the concept for the gold business. Fikri built Tun Emas into what it is now by relying on his strong passion, his excitement, and a sound company plan even though he had very little or no funds to invest. Tun Emas, like every other company, encountered its fair share of difficulties, the most significant of which was the decline in gold prices and the intense competition it faced in terms of pricing in 2014.

Despite this, Fikri and his staff would not give up and continued to develop innovative defence tactics for the corporation. Currently, Tun Emas is regarded as the most prestigious, professional, and welcoming organisation in the gold industry in Malaysia, as well as the gold business centre of choice in the country. Those who are new to the world of business should take Fikri’s counsel and make it their desire to do business for the benefit of Allah, continue to be excited about what they are doing, meticulously establish a strategy and business plan, and resist the urge to give up quickly.

Every business will eventually run into problems, but the good news is that every problem has a solution. It is possible to achieve success if one has a genuine heart, a strong spirit, and an attitude that is acceptable. Fikri is overjoyed to have been awarded the title of World Muslimpreneur, and he has high expectations that this recognition would act as a catalyst for Tun Emas to achieve even greater success in the years to come. Tun Emas is continually working to improve the quality of its management, customer service, and commercial development opportunities, in addition to maintaining the high standard of the products it offers for sale.





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