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Mr Lok Lok: Serving up Delicious and Halal Delights to All Mr Lok Lok is a restaurant located in Bandar Baru Seri Alam, Masai, Johor that serves up a combination of lok lok, bubble tea, coffee, and oden. Owned by Mohd Radzi bin Ab Wahab and Mahalim bin Hashim Lim, both from Johor Bahru, the restaurant has become a popular destination for foodies in search of tasty and affordable eats.

Offering over 80 types of lok lok, a traditional Chinese dish, the restaurant serves up fried and delicious bites with over 20 types of dipping sauces, including spicy, cheese mayonnaise, Thai, sesame, and wasabi. The restaurant also serves oden, a Japanese cuisine consisting of boiled egg, daikon, konjac, and fish cakes that are processed and boiled in oden soup. The concept for the restaurant was born out of Mohd Radzi and Mahalim’s passion for the food and beverage industry while in university. The two entrepreneurs dreamt of owning a successful restaurant and have since opened other restaurants before Mr. Lok Lok. The business concept targets the halal market, attracting customers of various races to enjoy this delicious cuisine. In their expansion efforts, they focus on high-density areas with a balanced population composition and are located near higher education institutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented one of the biggest challenges to Mr. Lok Lok, causing sales volume to decline. However, they persevered by utilizing delivery services such as Grab and Foodpanda. During the pandemic, the restaurant also gave free food for a year to front liners who wore full uniforms, which helped them gain more exposure and earn loyal customers. Winning the World Muslimpreneur award was a proud moment for Mr. Lok Lok, as they are the only and first Muslim lok lok restaurant in Malaysia. They hope this award will be a
stepping stone to more recognition in the future. 

For new entrepreneurs, they advise not to be nervous and to follow their hearts, stay positive, and focus on their goals. The vision and business direction of Mr. Lok Lok is to be a local restaurant of international standard, able to compete with other international products. The owners plan to open three more branches in Johor and venture into franchising in the Klang Valley, particularly Kuala Lumpur and Bangi. Mohd Radzi and Mahalim’s motto is “kegagalan menjadi panduan untuk mencapai kejayaan,” meaning “failure is a guide to success.” The challenges they faced in their business journey taught them valuable lessons and inspired them to become better entreprene.





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