What are the ways to help Palestine?

  • Over 7 decades, Palestine has been oppressed by the Zionists, causing at least 3 fatalities daily as israel gradually colonizes their territory.
  • To retake their colonized land, Palestinian defenders are engaged in this conflict.
  • While the Palestinian fighters’ strike is directed at the israeli zionist army; there is no harm done to Jewish women and children in this attack, yet the savage israeli army cruelly kills Palestinian women and children while destroying public buildings.
  • israel is a terrorist who hides under the big brother countries such as the US, UK, and France (which has veto power), but the Muslims do not recognize it as a nation.

Conflict has always occurred in Palestine while Israel is present in their country, which has been an ongoing issue for the Palestinians. Some people might wonder why it keeps happening. It has been going on for over 7 decades, and as a result of Israel’s actions, millions of Palestinians are in such horrible situations that they have to live in a cruel blockade. The military blockade’s impacts made by the colonizers have been devastating.

Over 80% of the population in Gaza is dependent on humanitarian aid to survive, and unemployment has reached over 50% (significantly higher for women and young people). Limited access to energy and clean water, a shortage of nearly 50% of critical medications in hospitals, and rising hunger rates are all problems. Palestinians are still encountering obstacles while trying to access medical care outside of Gaza.

With these concerning situations, many of us are having thoughts about “How can I help?” when seeing or hearing very devastating news on TV or social media. There are some steps you could take:

Learn About the Situation

Understanding first what is happening will help to resolve any confusion or misinformation that has been spread online. The history and the whole situation could be learned from several mediums, such as books or other trusted and reliable sources. According to the Halal Times and Financial Times, here are some of the few resources to educate yourself on the Palestine-Israel conflict for starters:


Essay by Palestinian Youth in Gaza


For more resources, check out the list that is provided by AFSC here.


Every donation is much needed and appreciated. Many organizations are launching campaigns, which include emergency aid for the current and post-conflict Palestinians, to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. Additionally, the donations will involve the supply of wintertime supplies of food, clothes, fuel, and shelter. Malaysians could contribute donations to the following organizations that are currently on an ongoing campaign:

Spread Awareness Online

No matter how small a presence it can look like, it is still considered a presence, even if it is just one individual. Every individual could bring awareness to the current conflict. This could be done through social media platforms, discussion forums such as Quora and Reddit, and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Individuals with more influence on social media could also play a role in drawing attention to the Palestinian people’s difficulties and supporting efforts to put an end to the violence and create peace.

Stay Informed

Engaging with the current or latest news about the situation could motivate you to be a better advocate in helping to spread awareness or take actions in any way to help. While it is essential to stay up-to-date on the news, you may need to watch out for the emotional impact that it may bring. Always remember to take a break and reduce screen time for your well-being.

Support Palestinian Businesses

This action will have a positive impact on the Palestinian economy and the livelihoods of the people there. This can be done by visiting local markets in your area and buying products that specialize in Middle Eastern products. With this support, it can help improve the livelihoods of Palestinians and contribute to economic stability in the area.


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