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Providing Complete Hajj & Umrah Necessities for Pilgrims

Meet Hajah Azlina Binti Haji Omar, the founder and advisor of Fitrah Al Hajj – a retail shop specializing in Hajj & Umrah necessities located at L3.08, Level 3, Sunway Putra Mall, Jalan Putra, Kuala Lumpur.


The brand is operated by Warisan OG Dagangan Sdn Bhd, and it is committed to providing quality products, Sharia-compliant, reasonable prices and accompanied by customer-friendly service. So, what inspired Hajah Azlina to start this business?


Well, after experiencing the difficulties of getting Hajj & Umrah necessities during her first Umrah in 2015, she saw the needs of pilgrims and decided to take advantage of it through this business. Furthermore, it is an act of worship and fardhu kifayah in her business activities. However, the road to success was not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges Fitrah Al Hajj faced was increasing brand awareness and satisfying customers. To address this, they chose to focus on customer relations and co-marketing to spread brand awareness.


As for customer satisfaction, they aim not just to meet but exceed customers’ expectations and needs. Despite the challenges, the hard work and dedication paid off when Fitrah Al Hajj won an award. According to Hajah Azlina, winning an award is a joy and an acknowledgement of a job well done. It also increases the team’s confidence to continue making progress and helping customers.


For aspiring entrepreneurs, Hajah Azlina advises not to focus on problems or challenges but instead find solutions. In business, there will always be challenges, but with determination and trust in Allah SWT, success is achievable. So, what’s next for Fitrah Al Hajj? Their vision is to provide assistance to all pilgrims who need complete Hajj and Umrah preparations necessities to obtain equipment at a convenient one-stop centre. They are committed to providing quality products, Sharia-compliant, reasonable prices, and accompanied by customer-friendly service. In summary, Fitrah Al Hajj is more than just a retail shop. It is a business committed to helping pilgrims achieve their spiritual journey with ease and convenience.







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