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IDEA Award 2023 Winner: Primula Beach Hotel

Primula Beach Hotel has been in existence for four decades since its establishment in 1984 in the tourism industry. The hotel was born with the vision of creating an exclusive holiday destination in Kuala Terengganu. According to them at the time, there was a lack of quality accommodation options in that area. With a commitment to providing a special stay experience, the Terengganu government built this hotel. Since then, it has successfully attracted tourists, advancing the business to become the top choice for nearly four decades.

Also, from the very beginning, their commitment to excellence in hospitality services has made them the preferred destination in Kuala Terengganu. By providing an exclusive and quality stay experience, they have won the hearts of loyal customers.

“The determination to continue providing the best service is a crucial feature driving the growth of our business,” they said.

Their inspiration comes from the desire to offer a unique and quality holiday experience in Kuala Terengganu. “Not shying away from challenges, increasing visibility in the digital market is also one of them, but nevertheless, we have overcome it by enhancing online marketing strategies and collaborating with travel agents.”

Winning the IDEA Award 2023 under the category of ‘Consumer Choice Brand’ showed evidence and recognition of their efforts in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. “This success not only reflects the quality of service but also the strong relationships with the local community and our customers. Humbly, we welcome this award as encouragement to continue providing an exceptional vacation experience for every guest staying at the Primula Beach Hotel,” they told the Muslim Insiders.

They express their gratitude for winning the award. “We are proud to be the winners of the IDEA Award 2023 and grateful for the recognition of our team’s hard work, which provides motivation to continue innovating.” They also added, “We believe that consistency, continuous learning, and adapting to market changes can help those who are still new to the business world succeed. This is because success comes with perseverance.”

With this award, it serves as a stepping stone for further success as Primula Beach Hotel aims to continue providing quality accommodation, expanding market coverage, and becoming the preferred destination for travelers on the East Coast of Malaysia.

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