Muslims Join the Global Day of Fasting in Solidarity with Palestine

Today, 19 October 2023, people throughout the world are fasting to show support for Palestinians. The occasion is organized by the netizens to call on Muslims everywhere to observe a day of fasting as a sign of their solidarity with and support for their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

As a sign of their solidarity with and support for their Palestinian brothers and sisters, the netizens call on Muslims everywhere to partake in a day of fasting as a symbol of unity. The day does not only encourage Muslims to fast but also to engage in increasing prayers, du’a and giving charity to the Palestinian community.

The hashtag #globaldayoffasting are being used across the popular social media platforms such as Twitter (X), TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to bring people together to join in the occasion.

The poster that is being used to spread across the social media platforms

The bombardment of the Gaza Strip has been happening, which has caused at least 2,800 people to die in Gaza in 11 days following Israel’s retaliatory air strikes on the territory, which is home to more than two million Palestinians. Even without the bombardment, the humanitarian disaster is still unfolding across the enclave as Israel blocks off all power, water, medicine, food and fuel.

A few days ago, a similar fasting occasion was also held by an ecumenical group of church leaders in Jerusalem on Tuesday, October 17th. These church leaders encouraged Christians in Jerusalem across the world to join them in fasting and praying for peace between Gaza and Israel, which was a similar occasion but with a slight difference. The church leaders said in a statement: “Our beloved Holy Land has changed dramatically over the past week. We are witnessing a new cycle of violence with an unjustifiable attack against all civilians. Tensions continue to rise and more innocent and vulnerable people are paying the ultimate price, as the dramatic level of death and destruction in Gaza clearly shows.”

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