OpenAI-Powered Figure 01 Could Follow Human Actions by Only Observing

What does the robot do?

The Figure 01 humanoid robot, developed by Figure AI, is designed to be the first commercially viable general-purpose robot for various industries. It has a human-like form factor with arms, legs, hands, and feet that enable it to perform tasks requiring dexterity, mobility, and manipulation. The robot utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and torque-controlled walking to achieve dynamic bipedal locomotion, allowing it to walk naturally and robustly without being affected by external disturbances or changes in terrain.

Collaboration with OpenAI

Figure AI collaborated with OpenAI to enhance the capabilities of its humanoid robot by integrating advanced AI models for language processing and reasoning. This collaboration aimed to leverage OpenAI’s expertise in artificial intelligence to further develop the robot’s ability to interact with users effectively and perform tasks efficiently.

Industries Covered

The Figure 01 robot covers industries such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail. Its versatile capabilities make it suitable for tasks that require automation and efficiency in these sectors. By working alongside humans, the robot aims to address labor shortages. This will help to enhance productivity. It will also help to reduce the number of workers in unsafe jobs, especially in the stated industries.

The humanoid robot can make coffee

Figure 01 Humanoid making coffee using coffee machine

The robot has demonstrated its proficiency by operating a Keurig coffee machine after just 10 hours of video observation. This has showcased its ability to learn and replicate tasks autonomously. Not only that, but impressively, it could also correct their own mistakes. In the video below, the robot successfully puts the coffee capsule into the coffee machine.

Its overall capabilities after collaboration with OpenAI:

  • The Figure 01 robot can walk dynamically without a tether, showcasing advanced bipedal locomotion capabilities.
  • It uses whole-body reasoning to coordinate torso, pelvis, and arm movements for balance and efficiency.
  • The robot can perform tasks that require dexterity, mobility, and manipulation with its human-like form factor.
  • Figure 01 is designed to work alongside humans in the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail sectors.
  • The Figure 01 robot can speak, reason and interact effectively with users in real time.
  • It understands spoken words and translates them into fast, low-level actions through Figure’s neural networks. This enables the robot to process information.
  • They can learn actions made by humans with their watch-and-learn capabilities.
  • Without guidance, it could operate independently for up to 5 hours.

For more detailed information on Figure AI’s master plan and the development of the Figure 01 humanoid robot, you can refer to their website at Figure AI Master Plan.

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