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SK Telecom Collaborates with Southeast Asian Firms for Metaverse Growth

SK Telecom, a leading South Korean mobile carrier, will collaborate with IT companies from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. This move is to expand its metaverse platform in the region, company officials said on Monday. SK Telecom signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Malaysia’s Celcom Digi, Indonesia’s Agate and the Philippines’ Cosmic Technologies. SK Telecom will focus on creating global services. The three partners will develop customized content and support local customers.

“By signing agreements with three leading IT companies in Southeast Asia, we will be able to carry out customized marketing in these countries,” said Yang Maeng-seog, Vice President and Head of Metaverse CO at SKT.

One of the events held at the metaverse platform, ifland (Image: SK Telecom)

SK Telecom’s metaverse service, ifland, provides a number of social networking features. The platform, which was revealed in 2021, is focused on the MZ generation, allowing them to express themselves freely online. It also allows users to create rooms for users to interact and it can also support meetings, presentations and conferences on that platform. In November 2022, it have expanded to 49 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The platform where users interacted virtually (Image:

Currently, it is developing Indonesian, Malaysian and Hindi language services for the platform. To add to that, there will be a content curation service for users from different regions. Also, SK Telecom is developing a mixed reality (MR) ecosystem in Korea.

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