New Meeting Experience Now That Webex is Available for Apple Vision Pro

The future of the workplace is now here. With the availability of Webex on 2 February, 2024, users of Apple Vision Pro can now experience a new way of meeting. With the device, there is no need for smartphones, laptops or computers to attend a meeting.

What will the benefits of corporate meetings be? With this new gadget, users will get to experience new ways to interact with apps.

Apple Vision Pro Features

The Apple Vision Pro is a new product that’s all about being eco-friendly. It’s made from recycled materials, is super energy efficient, has no harmful chemicals, and the whole manufacturing process is green, with no waste going to landfills. Even the packaging is made from responsible materials. They are making efforts to aim for carbon neutral by 2030.

If you haven’t heard what the features of Apple Vision Pro are, here is a quick overview of what you can do with them:

  • Navigate through apps with eyes, hands and voices, such as pinch fingers, to select a photo
  • Capturing and viewing high-resolution spatial photos and videos (in 3D), which can also be done with iPhone 15 Pro
  • Making FaceTime
  • Watch shows or movies in 3D but with extra-wide 100-foot view
  • Using spatial audio system that could hear audio just like real surroundings
  • Could be paired with Airpod

Basically, it enhances the user’s entertainment experience with its innovative technology. So, how will it transform the workplace?

Apps are also viewed in 3D form using the Apple Vision Pro (Image: Apple)

Work in a New Dimension

Users can now perform tasks in several windows while having real backgrounds in their vision, just like in real life. They could either work with the current space (e.g., office or home) they are in or switch to a new one. It could be scenery from Caprock Canyons State Park, a beach or any scenic view one’s preferred.

Users no longer need to worry about having less space to view apps in multiple windows. For example, a user could open an email app and open another music app that would open in a window. This window can be placed anywhere as long as it is in the user’s vision.

Perform Meetings Anywhere

The good thing about it is that it will not require a large space to hold a meeting. In other words, it will save a lot of physical space. Think about how someone could be on a commute or anywhere for a meeting without needing to bring heavy laptops. Isn’t that convenient?

3D Objects

With Apple Vision Pro, everything is in 3D, which provides an enhanced user experience. Users could view an object from a variety of perspectives. This could be beneficial when viewing a prototype of a product. They could immerse themselves in the prototype and view it from every angle with detail and realism. This could help a lot to identify any flaws or areas of improvement more effectively to produce a final product. Others could also view things such as 3D work models, product demos, and floor layouts.

Work meeting using Webex that is mixed with reality (Image: Webex)

Mixed reality

Users could create new routines at work, such as keeping tasks organized, working on a Mac, or rehearsing a presentation, with real-like backgrounds. Users never have to worry about not being able to stay in touch in reality since both reality and apps are within the same space and vision.

The combination of Apple Vision Pro Webex has made the feel of attending a work meeting another kind of experience. With these features, it changes the way people work and collaborate. It also redefines the concept of remote meetings, enabling participation from anywhere without the need for bulky equipment.

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