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6 Useful AI Courses That Could Accelerate Your Career as a Business Leader

AI offers numerous advantages for businesses, including growth, efficiency gains, improved speed of business, industry-specific improvements, and reduction of human error. For business leaders, focusing on AI, gain knowledge through AI courses and leveraging it will help to drive business efficiency, enhance decision-making, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the business landscape.

Here are some of the useful AI courses for business leaders to fuel with the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve businesses:

AI For Everyone by DeepLearning.AI

The “AI For Everyone” course offers 4 modules tailored for non-engineers seeking to understand AI’s role in organizations. Participants will grasp common AI concepts, their practical applications, and how to identify opportunities within their own workplaces. They’ll gain insights into building AI projects, collaborating with AI teams, and navigating ethical considerations. While aimed at non-technical individuals, engineers can also benefit from learning about AI’s business aspects.

Generative AI For Everyone by DeepLearning.AI

For a clear understanding of generative AI, “Gen AI for Everyone” is a well-structured course suitable for business leaders to learn about generative AI’s impacts on their own businesses and society as a whole. Consisting of three modules, it will also help learners to work practically and grasp the fundamentals of generative AI. There will also be tips on how to generate an effective prompt to get more out of AI. The course aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and contribute to an AI-powered future.

Generative AI Essentials for Business Decision Makers and Technical Decision Makers by AWS

Introduction to Generative AI – Art of the Possible
The course offers a comprehensive overview of generative AI, covering its basics, use cases, risks, and benefits. Through practical examples, including content generation, learners explore the potential of generative AI. Learners will grasp the fundamentals of generative AI, its associated risks and benefits, and how content generation can be applied within their business contexts.

Planning a Generative AI Project
The second part of the series will require learners to complete the first part of the series, which is “Introduction to Generative AI.” Learners will learn to follow steps to plan generative AI projects, identify benefits, risks and ways to mitigate them when using generative AI.

Building a Generative AI-Ready Organization
This is the final course in a three-part series called Generative AI Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers. It’s recommended to start with the first course. Learners will learn how to integrate generative AI concepts into organizations, address challenges, and establish governance and organizational structures for successful implementation. Topics covered include preparing organizational leaders and employees, establishing a cloud operating model, and implementing generative AI thinking.

For a full overview of the AI courses: AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Generative AI

AI For Business Specialization by University of Pennsylvania

The “AI For Business Specialization” course offers a 4-course series focusing on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning basics. Learners will explore the ethics and risks of AI, develop fair governance frameworks, and learn about people management within machine-learning-driven HR functions. They’ll also discover effective marketing strategies using data analytics and the impact of personalization on the customer’s journey.

Full-Stack LLM Bootcamp by The Full Stack

Business leaders will learn about LLM models by learning the latest best practices and tools for building LLM-powered applications. The “Full Stack LLM Bootcamp” course covers the full stack, from prompt engineering to user-centered design, and is designed to help professionals stay up-to-date with the state-of-the-art in LLM application development and make informed decisions using LLMs in their organization. Also, there will be talks with experts from OpenAI and more to delve into the future of LLMs and their potential applications in various fields.

ChatGPT for Everyone by Learn Prompting with OpenAI

For business leaders who are familiar with ChatGPT and plan for a more advanced use of generative AI, this course is suitable for that. The leaders from Learn Prompting and Open AI will help learners maximize their usage and learn to communicate effectively using ChatGPT. The “ChatGPT for Everyone” course will include generating prompts and creating images using DALL·E 3, GPT 3.5 and the latest GPT 4.

Most of these basic AI courses are free, so, leaders are recommended to grab the opportunity to equip themselves with valuable knowledge. Successful business leaders are aware and understand that continuous learning is essential for the growth and innovation of their businesses.

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