Palestinian Thank Malaysia for the Unwavering Support

Malaysia has been very vocal and has shown much support in many forms towards Palestinians. Whether it is through donations, online supports or physically attending the rally in the country, the efforts are seen by the Palestinians. The Palestinian students give their deep appreciation to Malaysia for always standing by them.

Said Aljamala, 28, a PhD candidate in structural engineering at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), believes that the support Palestinians receive from Malaysians should serve as a model for other Islamic countries.

Even if he did not attend the “Malaysia Stands with Palestine” rally that happened on Tuesday night this week in Kuala Lumpur due to his studies, he understood that his countrymen would be there.

The biggest crowd ever gathered for the rally on 24 October 2023 in Kuala Lumpur. Image: EPA-EFE

“We must understand that the battle for the state of Palestine is a struggle that is shared by all Muslims, and Malaysia has demonstrated a resolute dedication to it. I sincerely hope that by holding a solidarity rally like this, we will all be able to demonstrate to the world that Muslims are a cohesive community that is always sensitive to the situation of their brothers and sisters,” he said when contacted by Bernama on Tuesday.

Fortunately, he gets to know that his loved ones flee and are safe from the attack after numerous attempts due to the lack of internet and electricity to find out about his family’s condition there.

“Even though it is really hard to get in touch with them, I always pray that they will persist and be safe there. Given this, I hope that all Malaysians will always be grateful for the independence and peace they currently have and will never take it for granted,” he said. Knowing that

Another student from UPM, a doctorate student who only wants to be known as Zidan, 29, said that she will forever be indebted to Malaysians of all religions and races for their solidarity with Palestine.

“I once participated in a rally to condemn the brutality of the Israeli military regime in front of the United States embassy in Kuala Lumpur. I noticed that in addition to Muslims, the attendees included non-Muslims and people of other races, such as Chinese and Indians.

“This illustrates how the fight for human rights is a worldwide endeavor in which everyone is involved. Even though I am currently somewhat concerned for my family’s safety in Gaza, I can feel less anxious if everyone in Malaysia could just lend a little support,” she said. She has also been struggling to get updates on her family in north Gaza City.

The rally showed strong support for the Palestinians. The Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, also attended the rally and just last week, he rejected Western pressure to condemn Hamas.

“It’s a level of insanity to allow people to be butchered, babies to be killed, hospitals to be bombed, and schools to be destroyed… It’s the height of barbarism in this world,” Datuk Seri Anwar told the crowd gathered at Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

“We are with the Palestinian people yesterday, today and tomorrow,” he said, adding that support from the United States and Europe was bolstering Israel’s position.

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