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Muslim Rice Supplier Create Success From Nothing, Helping the Needy

Pondok Motivasi Sdn Bhd was established in 2017 in conjunction with the name of the Pondok Motivasi (TAHFIZ) Hamlatul Quran. The school belongs to its founder, Ustaz Mohd Ashraf bin Suarin. The company engages in small-scale retail activities as its core business.

In addition to producing quality and delicious rice, the company actively conducts the ‘Kempen Infaq Beras Untuk Ummah‘ to assist those in need, such as poor asnaf, orphans, tahfiz schools, and non-governmental organizations that require basic daily food, which is rice.

Starting during the Movement Control Order (PKP) period, when schools were not allowed to operate and income sources were not flowing well, the Beras Ashraffi product was introduced. This product serves as one of the sources of income to support students at the Hamlatul Qur’an Motivation School (TAHFIZ), most of whom are orphans and asnaf.

“With the capital from selling my car, I dared to launch my own brand of rice because there are not many rice producers owned by Muslims. So, I took on the challenge of becoming a rice distributor so that the community could get high-quality, clean rice without questioning its halal status,” said Ustaz Mohd Ashraf, the owner of Beras Ashraffi and the founder of Pondok Motivasi company.

“Alhamdulillah, I succeeded in realizing my intention in August 2020 after obtaining a wholesale license from the Selangor State Rice and Paddy Control Board and supplies from the National Rice Corporation (BERNAS),” he told Muslim Insiders.

The Sufi figure, Abdullah ibnu Mubarak, serves as his inspiration. This figure possesses qualities and deeds desired and envied by those pursuing both worldly and afterlife goals in terms of knowledge, contributions, worship, ethics, and wealth. “This teaches me to conduct business without thinking about high profits, but rather to seek the primary blessings of Allah,” he added.

“My challenge was starting the Beras Ashraffi business without any knowledge. Because of that, I was deceived and suffered a loss of RM100,000. However, that incident did not break my spirit to pursue my dreams and intentions. I view everything from a wise perspective. When we accept fate, Allah will replace disappointment with the unexpected.”

He humbly expresses gratitude upon being informed of winning the IDEA Award 2023. “I consider this victory as a gift from Him. I was chosen to face the sweetness and bitterness to thrive in this business. In reality, true success for me is the success that qualifies me for His paradise,” he thanked Allah S.W.T.

“Be a good, truthful, and honest trader. Prioritize the pleasure of Allah over worldly profits. Be an honest trader because there are many advantages promised by Prophet Muhammad to them,” advised him.

The company’s plan for the near future is to expand the market for Beras Ashraffi throughout the country and help more people in need obtain rice at a lower price.

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