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IDEA Award 2023 Winner: Secangkir Coopitiam (Koperasi UTHM Berhad)

Secangkir Coopitiam is owned by the UTHM Berhad Cooperative. The cooperative was established in 1997, and it currently has 614 members with accumulated assets exceeding 200 million MYR. The business was developed after the cooperative implemented various business models, ultimately choosing the food and beverage industry as its main venture under the brand Secangkir, which translates to “a cup” of coffee. Starting the business in 2020, they initially had six employees and currently have a workforce of 30. The food and beverage industry, especially considering the high demand from the public, is seen as having great potential for development.

The business began with a small amount of capital that was used to purchase basic equipment and introduce a coffee product with a taste that could rival renowned coffee brands. It then continued to grow by adding food and beverage items over time, utilizing the skills and experiences shared with business partners in the same field. “We practice the concept of ‘not to compete but to collaborate’ to ensure continuous business growth,” they told the Muslim Insiders.

For them, the desire to change the public perception of well-known branded coffee in the market doesn’t necessarily mean high prices. With that, customers can also enjoy the taste of trendy coffee. The business also introduced a concept that adheres to Islamic principles and Sharia compliance.

“Among the challenges we face is competition with existing food and beverage service operators, especially those already well-known in the field. Additionally, unpredictable increases in raw material prices make daily sales planning and management challenging,” they explained about the struggles thriving in the industry. They also mentioned some struggles within the company itself. “Human resources, which are temporary and not permanent, pose another challenge, despite efforts to retain employees.”

As the winner of the IDEA AWARD 2023, they expressed their gratitude. “We feel deeply moved, delighted, and excited to receive this prestigious award. It is a reward for the endless effort, time, financial investment, and energy sacrificed to ensure the success of the business.”

For entrepreneurs entering this field, they have some advice. “It is crucial to carefully and thoroughly identify the business they want to pursue and develop a comprehensive business plan. Building a business network is essential, and ensuring sufficient capital and understanding financial resources is crucial.” Also, they added reminders for those who want to start a business. “To build a strong business brand, use your own identity, initiate continuous marketing efforts, ensure strong customer service, adapt to business conditions, practice innovation, and always be diligent in advancing in business.”

Secangkir Coopitiam aims to achieve the goal of creating a Muslim brand in the food and beverage industry that complies with Sharia principles and is on par with leading brands. They also aspire to plan and expand businesses related to food security and succeed in their mission of assisting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

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