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IDEA Award 2023 Winner: Trishya & Co

Trishya & Co, a Malaysian jewelry brand, draws inspiration from modern and luxurious decorative items. The jewelry designs are not only crafted with meticulous processes but are also custom-made, giving them an exclusive touch. Additionally, the brand is inspired by a famous and popular collection of charm lockets that showcase images of various countries.

One of the challenges that they face in their business journey is capital, with the aim of producing high-quality jewelry and expanding their operations in the future. With the support of external investors and friends, they have successfully overcome the challenges.

The IDEA Award 2023 has recognized Trishya & Co’s outstanding dedication and excellent contributions to the jewelry industry. The brand has won the award for ‘Best Custom-Made Jewelry Brand of the Year 2023’ and is applauded for their masterpieces. “We take pride in sharing our association with Datin Dr. Raskidah Ali and her remarkable achievements. This award not only reflects the hard work of Trishya & Co but also serves as evidence of the quality standards and expertise we uphold,” Trishya & Co told Muslim Insiders.

“As a team, the success of Datin Dr. Raskidah Ali is our source of inspiration and we are enthusiastic about continuing our collaboration to achieve excellence. May this award mark the beginning of many more to come. We look forward to achieving greater success together,” they shared.

To offer a few words of encouragement to those entering the business field, the brand advised that entrepreneurs need to have strong perseverance to overcome challenges.

They are committed to extending the legacy of Trishya & Co by creating exceptional jewelry products that surpass the expectations of their customers. The jewelry brand also aspires to elevate the local brand to a global level and contribute to the country’s economy by highlighting Malaysia’s distinctive jewelry designs.

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