How to Maintain Professional Connections Over the Years?

You have made an amazing first impression, had them engaged in a conversation, connected with each other on LinkedIn and even got their name card, but what’s next? How do you ensure that these connections flourish and endure over time? Building and maintaining professional connections isn’t just about making a great first impression. A strong, genuine relationship that lasts over time is also needed for professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Give valuable insights on social medias

We tend to be more engaged when reading or listening to valuable insights, especially from other leaders in their area of expertise. When someone, especially leaders, gives and shares useful information or news, this will help others in the network learn, think and give out their own perspectives. As a result, this is where interaction is gained within professional networks. Ensure that it is relevant to your industry, so that people tend to remember you more. Consistently sharing value-added content will establish you as a trusted person in your field, which will attract and gain engagement with those within the network.

Regularly Attend Events

One effective way to maintain connections with others is by regularly meeting with people in your field. This allows you and them to become familiar with each other through face-to-face interaction, which will strengthen connections. These events serve as hubs where professionals gather, share insights, and build meaningful connections, laying the foundation for fruitful collaborations and ongoing support within your professional network.

Interact with Them

After attending a networking event, we would never see these people on a daily basis. This is where efforts are needed to maintain that relationship so that it will not just easily fade away. For some, this can be quite a challenge. Since this is a digital age, interacting can be easily done online through social medias or other community platforms. When your network shares insights online, take the opportunity to engage meaningfully. Offer thoughtful perspectives that demonstrate your expertise and genuine interest in their ideas. By consistently adding value to the conversation, you reinforce your presence and strengthen the bond with your network.

Maintain a Strong Online Presence

Today, it is all about going online because most people spend their time on the internet. Be it your own business or your professional profile, you should be there, online. Be cautious; ambitious people may not regularly use social media that doesn’t bring them benefits. Instead, be on the platforms where they are usually active, such as LinkedIn, the largest professional social network globally.

Minimize excessive self-promotion

While it is important to have a presence online, it is also important to remember that talking about your accomplishments is not the only way. Constantly emphasizing it can give off a negative impression. Even though it can be done, it is not recommended. It may come off as self-centered to others. Rather than focusing on self-achievement, focus on making genuine connections and interacting with others.


Building and maintaining professional connections within your network requires a lot of ongoing effort and consistency that will last for years. Thus, genuine support, interest and giving out useful insights or resources can help grow and strengthen that connection much longer.

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