These Types of People Should Stay on Your Network

Who should you have within the network?

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to be mindful of who is in your network so that you can thrive better in the business world. This means having mentors for guidance, peers for collaboration, experts for insights, potential partners for expansion, and customers for feedback. A diverse network provides resources, opportunities, and a supportive community that helps you navigate challenges and achieve success in the business world.

Someone you look up to

Entrepreneurs can benefit from someone they look up to by gaining valuable insights, advice, and mentorship. These people tend to have characteristics such as being charismatic, knowledgeable, and respected in their field. While someone you look up to does not mean someone you like, researchers in cognitive neuroscience have shown in a study that people tend to learn better from someone they like. Having them in your network could serve as an inspiration that drives them to reach those ambitions or goals.

Someone who can guide you

People who can guide entrepreneurs, such as mentors, industry experts, investors or business coaches, can support entrepreneurs with their wise knowledge and experience. They could prevent entrepreneurs from falling into common pitfalls, that could waste business resources. Also, entrepreneurs will always remain accountable for their actions and decisions with their guides. Other than providing useful advice and feedback, they could help entrepreneurs boost motivation and focus on goals to keep moving forward, especially when navigating uncertainties.

Someone with industry insights

This kind of person is well-informed about industry trends and developments. Hence, the deep industry insights they have can provide entrepreneurs with valuable market intelligence, helping them identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and stay ahead of competitors. Their knowledge can inform strategic decisions and guide business growth. For example, an expert can help an entrepreneur improve their products by refining their product roadmap and marketing strategy based on current market trends.

Someone who follows the latest trend

Individuals who are up-to-date with the latest trends, innovative, and adaptive will aid entrepreneurs in staying relevant within their industry. With insights on the latest trends, it could help entrepreneurs find out about consumer behaviours, market disruptions, and emerging technologies. This way, entrepreneurs could adjust and enhance their product or service offerings to align with what the consumer wants and their pain points.

Someone who have access to a wide network of people

Well-connected, influential, and collaborative people with a broad network of contacts can open doors to potential partners, investors, customers, and mentors. This allows entrepreneurs to make introductions easier and more effective when meeting for the first time with their help. Also, it could promote new collaborations and opportunities that can accelerate the growth of an entrepreneur’s venture.

Someone to keep you grounded

Ambitious entrepreneurs have big dreams, and this can sometimes make them feel disconnected from reality. This is where a person who will help entrepreneurs keep it real should be. Other than being stuck in the dream without any progression, they could actively make those dreams and goals happen and ensure that the expectations are grounded in reality.


Building a strong, diverse network and choosing the right people is crucial for entrepreneurs to thrive in the business world. Relationships with the right people will prevent entrepreneurs from feeling in the dark or lost and help them to be resilient, making progress towards their goals.

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