First Impression: The One Technique That People Often Miss

This technique will make someone appear more likeable

Have you ever experienced meeting people for the first time where they instantly liked you? Then, you might not notice that using this one simple technique makes people tend to like you more.

Calling people by their name

Making a first impression can actually be quite a struggle when you are unfamiliar with a new person. However, just calling people by their names can make the conversation more memorable. It really can be that easy. But that, of course, needs to be incorporated with positive body language so that it will be more effective. So, what impression does it make? It means you are:

  • Acknowledging their presence
  • Showing interest
  • Respectful of them
  • Building a sense of familiarity
  • Seen as warm and approachable

Build lasting personal and professional relationship

Simply using names during a conversation could form a deep relationship. This approach indirectly makes them think that you are interested in forming a connection with them. It also makes them feel acknowledged, valued, and important. When you make them feel that they are important, they are more likely to engage in a conversation for a longer time. This can also induce loyalty, especially when it is between you and a customer. This personalized experience that they have makes it more memorable and makes them like you more. This approach could also help in building personal relationship. In a professional setting, it can also be effectively used during meetings, discussions, and negotiations.

Shifting the focus to yourself

This subtle way of using their name actually makes them pay attention to you. The reason for this is because we are naturally conditioned to respond positively to hearing our own name. It triggers a sense of familiarity and personal relevance, which can increase engagement and attentiveness in conversation. When they pay attention to you, this means you are dominating the conversation. This is helpful when you are trying to convey important information that you want them to hear. For instance, using participant names during a workshop or presentation can make them focus on what you have to say.

The most effective way is to immediately use their name

Using the person’s name in the conversation will instantly make them pay attention to you (Image: Freepik)

During a networking event, you are meeting with a lot of people in the crowd, and while grabbing your drinks, you stumble upon someone. Then, you decided to strike up a conversation, and you got to know their name. By mentioning their name right away, you can make the interaction more engaging and set a positive tone. Then, it will further the conversation, producing a meaningful connection. This small gesture is not only memorable, but is effective in making an instant connection for any type of connection. But be careful to use it in moderation, as excessive use may appear unnatural.


Using people’s names is a simple yet effective technique for making great first impressions. By acknowledging the person and creating familiarity, it can help build lasting relationships. The key is to use names immediately to grab attention, make people feel valued, and set a positive tone. While moderation is important, strategically using names can help you dominate conversations and leave a memorable impression. This often overlooked technique can give you a significant advantage in making great first impressions and forging meaningful connections.

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