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How Do Successful Night Owl Entrepreneurs Manage Their Time?

Making the most of this time may produce unexpected results

Often, we hear that early risers tend to be more successful. While that might be true, everyone has their own chronotype. There are also successful night owls out there, such as the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. How do these night owls maintain their energy and productivity for the whole day?

Maximizing energy during the day with a healthy lifestyle

Night owl individuals tend to wake up feeling sluggish in the morning. To maximize energy, having breakfast is essential. Alexis Ohanian prioritizes making a healthy breakfast in the morning with smoothies packed with various nutrients. Not only that, but he also incorporates a morning gym session that will help him stay alert, boost his mood and energy levels throughout the day. As for Mark Zuckerberg, even though he no longer works long hours at night, he prioritizes a healthy morning routine. According to him on Forbes, he tried to make his morning one that did not require him to think so much.

Including the above, here other things that help boost energy levels during the day

  • Getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Not skipping breakfast
  • Engage in a short, regular exercise
  • Drink enough water
  • Take regular breaks

Making use of night time

Since alertness and focus are heightened during this time, night owl entrepreneurs make use their energy to focus on heavier tasks. They could focus on tasks that require brainstorming ideas, making wise critical decisions, and others that involve a greater focus. At night, they can be less worried about facing distractions, which are naturally eliminated while other people are preparing for their downtime.

Have an evening routine

Being a night owl requires lighter tasks to be done in the morning. Due to their low energy level and alertness, they need to organize their day in the evening or the night before. With this routine, they are able to keep up the pace with others even though only lighter tasks are done during the morning. They should also be aware of routines that could disrupt their quality sleep at night. In the evening, they should avoid taking naps, limit their caffeine intake, and exercise late at night, as this prevents them from winding down.

Why night-owls are likely better entrepreneurs

Night owls are creative individuals. Their ideas often spark during quiet and peaceful nights compared to early risers. Entrepreneurs who are night owls can have better focus, which boosts productivity due to the calm and quiet surroundings. They are also highly intelligent, according to research. Other than that, they could reap the benefits of staying up to connect with other people globally.

For example, an entrepreneur who is awake at 2:00 am in Malaysia time will be able to attend meetings with partners in the United States during their working hours. Other natural traits, such as having a risk-taking mindset, being adaptable to morning schedules, make night owl entrepreneurs likely to be better entrepreneurs. With their creative tendencies, they could create innovative solutions that could distinguish themselves from competitors.


Night owl entrepreneurs can also achieve success with a proper routine and schedule according to their active times. This exemplifies their chances to gain better ideas during the night when other people are still sleeping. Losing sleep does not mean they perform worse; instead, it is otherwise. They should never feel guilty about not waking up as early as 4 a.m., as everyone is built differently.

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