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How to Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses as an Entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be quite challenging to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This lack of self-awareness can lead to inconsistent performance, which can be daunting. Anything can happen; one month you might succeed, and the next you may face unexpected setbacks.

The key is to learn more about yourself

Taking a day to spend time writing down in your journal to learn more about yourself and your future self will likely be thankful for doing it.

So, where can you start? Here are some of the ways:

Understand your personality traits

Entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses by knowing their own personality traits. Personality assessments such as the MBTI, the Big Five Personality Test, or specialized entrepreneur assessment tests offer structured frameworks for self-reflection and exploration. By identifying personality dimensions, entrepreneurs can gain a deeper understanding of their natural tendencies, communication styles, decision-making processes, and leadership approaches. For instance, according to research, a person with high conscientiousness in the Big Five test has entrepreneurial traits since they work hard, plan well, are organized and are ready to perform their work. Another example, an entrepreneur with high analytical skills based on the MBTI, may thrive as a software developer but may need to work on delegating tasks effectively. Through understanding personality traits, entrepreneurs can enhance their strength and performance.

Find out your Ikigai

If you want to have a clear sense of purpose and a path to where you should be, this is one of the most effective ways. With Ikigai, one could see the intersection of what individuals are good at and what they love to do. By considering skills, talents, and abilities in relation to passions, you can identify your strengths and areas where you may need further development or support. A perfect example of this is Matt Gray, an entrepreneur who made use of his time to find his Ikigai to discover what he should be doing and successfully generated a six-figure income in just one month.

Get to know what is your natural talent

“What are you naturally best at doing?” is the question that can help you reflect on figuring out yourself. Someone could have strong attention to detail, be able to see the bigger picture, or even be easy to build and connect with others. Understanding your natural talent can help you go through the entrepreneurial journey more seamlessly, as it can be easier to see where the direction could be. Then, you could decide which way you prefer to go. Moreover, making use of your natural talent can make your journey as an entrepreneur more satisfying, as it enhances your confidence and comes naturally to you.

Reflect back on your past success

What are the things that you have done that have had a big impact on your personal success? Also, what are the things that you find difficult or challenging to do? You should direct your attention towards the important key areas. Learning from past wins and failures can help you find ways to develop and make improvements. This way, you will be able to maximize your chances of achieving your goals as an entrepreneur.

Gain feedback from the people around you

Since we cannot see ourselves from their point of view, the people around us may help us see what potential, strengths or weaknesses we have. However, it is important to check back with yourself to see if it aligns with you. Why? The feedback that comes from them has the potential to be biased, miss some knowledge input, or come from limited perspectives. For example, when the evaluator says that you lack problem-solving skills because you struggle to give out ideas for solutions during a group brainstorm session. However, you find that inaccurate since you always spend time to think critically and you notice people always come up to you for solutions. Since there are some potential risks to gaining feedback, entrepreneurs can seek feedback from mentors, experts or peers with similar experiences.

Explore new situations or experiences

Usually, when one does not know enough about their own strengths and weaknesses, it is a sign that they have yet to make further discoveries about themselves. Personal strengths and weaknesses are often revealed through various life experiences, challenges, and successes. Entrepreneurs could do this by seeking unfamiliar projects, which can help them discover any hidden talents that they could focus on.


Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur is crucial for achieving success. By taking the time to get valuable insights into your own abilities and areas for improvement through online tests, reflection and external feedback, you can create a better future as an entrepreneur. This act of self-awareness can help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship more effectively, maximize your potential, and ultimately achieve your desired goals.

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