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The Abundance Mindset Every Successful Muslim Entrepreneur Should Have

A mindset that could amplify the way a person live their life

The abundance mindset is a powerful thought that Muslim entrepreneurs can take advantage of to be successful. It involves having faith in Allah’s boundless opportunities and blessings. Living with an abundance mindset can lead to a lot of positive outcomes and success.

What can contribute to an abundance mindset?

Believing in Allah’s plan

As simple as this might sound, this is what distinguishes you as a Muslim from others. As a Muslim, you need to believe that Allah is in control of everything. It is understandable to have fears, especially when we do not know whether that success or those goals that we want to attain will ever happen. However, trusting in what Allah has decreed brings tranquility to the heart and reduces anxiety about the future. This conviction instills confidence and peace because, regardless of circumstances, it’s understood that Allah’s plan is ultimately for the best.


When someone focuses on what they already have and have received from Allah, they often experience a deep sense of gratitude, contentment, and humility. Practicing gratitude for an abundance mindset can look like, “I have many great ideas, and even if some don’t work out, there are always more waiting to be explored. I trust in my ability to innovate and adapt.” Rather than viewing challenges in difficult times as something that you feel impossible to overcome, Muslim entrepreneurs can view them as opportunities for growth that have been given by Allah.


Quite similar to gratitude but different, Muslim entrepreneurs who practice acceptance will be able to recognize and acknowledge that every situation that happens is due to what has been decreed by Allah. When one is facing a difficult time, instead of questioning “Why me?” or in denial, they accept it for what it is. Other than that, acceptance sees every challenge and difficulty more as an opportunity for learning and growth. This resonates with a growth mindset—an attribute of one of the best abundance mindsets. In one sense, belief in no limitations can ensure they can rise to a challenge and succeed despite it.

Willingness to share

In Islam, sharing is seen as a way to multiply blessings, not diminish them. When you give to others, whether it’s money, knowledge, or kindness, you’re trusting that there’s always enough to go around. Muslim entrepreneurs who have the mindset of abundance are not afraid to share because they believe in the endless generosity of Allah. In Islam, when someone shares willingly and also helps others, it will invite more blessings into their life. This act of giving back aligns with the principles of how a Muslim should live, emphasizing generosity and gratitude. Sharing knowledge is seen as an act of recognizing and appreciating the blessings one has received, and passing on these insights to benefit others, thus embodying the values of gratitude and generosity central to Islam and many other cultures and belief systems.

Be certain of your rizq

Muslims are encouraged to start their day with prayers, asking for blessed sustenance and success. Rizq can be in the form of wealth, contentment or being surrounded by good people, for example. Rizq, also referred to as sustenance, is believed to be preordained by Allah, the Provider.

“Indeed, Allah ˹alone˺ is the Supreme Provider—Lord of all Power, Ever Mighty.”
(Surah Adh-Dhariyat, 51:58)

Since Rizq has been written, achieving success requires effort and perseverance. Therefore, Muslim entrepreneurs should remain persistent and dedicated in their efforts to reach their goals and attain their Rizq.

Do you have a scarcity mindset?

Basically, it is the opposite of having an abundance mindset. It is believing that you are lacking certain things and are never going to have them. These are the traits of people with a scarcity mindset:

  • Jealousy over others
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Living in fear
  • Avoid risks
  • Not having a big dream
  • Not being generous with oneself and others

People with a scarcity mindset may indeed struggle to entertain big dreams or pursue ambitious goals. Hence, it’s important to recognize that mindsets can be shifted with awareness, effort, and sometimes external support, allowing individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and pursue their dreams regardless of their starting point.


The abundance mindset is a powerful thought that Muslim entrepreneurs can leverage to achieve success. It involves having faith in Allah’s boundless opportunities and blessings, which can lead to a lot of positive outcomes and success. On the other hand, a scarcity mindset is what prevents or blocks the abundance mindset. Recognizing and shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset can help Muslim entrepreneurs break free from limiting beliefs and pursue their dreams with confidence and peace.

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