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Transforming Spaces with Trendy Interior Design, Putting Customers First

DGB is a one-stop center that provides comprehensive services for the construction or upgrading of units. Covering all aspects from heavy customization to effective interior design, they manage users’ needs from A to Z, from the day of consultation until the day they hand back the house to the customer.

At DGB, they handle all aspects of design, drawings, local authority approvals to the construction process. They always provide the best service to meet the needs of their customers’ homes.

“This business started when my close friend and I completed our studies in Architecture at Manchester. Arriving in Malaysia, we decided to establish an Interior Design business with the knowledge we gained,” said Ar. Ahmadkhairul Sabirin Bin Ahmad Rosli, founder of DGB Studio.

DGB draws inspiration from creativity in stunning design. Their main focus is to provide customer satisfaction, follow current trends, efficiency in implementation, and integrate environmental sustainability to create unique and effective interior designs.

“At present, the competition is very fierce with many companies offering the same services as us. Furthermore, the rising prices of goods at this time also pose quite a challenge for us. To address this challenge, DGB will provide the best service, offer prices commensurate with the quality of work, and provide advice and recommendations to customers by following current trends and designs,” he said about the challenges faced.

DGB is very proud of the award bestowed upon us in the “Most Trusted Brand” category. This is an important event for DGB to continue moving forward to ensure business growth.

“We need to be smart in strategizing to ensure the business runs smoothly. Also, always strive to provide the best services or products to clients. This is because it will give the best image for the business and brand,” he advised for entrepreneurs.

DGB Studio aims to be an inspiration in the industry by focusing on creativity, customer satisfaction, and captivating innovation.

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