This New AI Productivity Coach Combines with Japanese Technique for a Boost

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more advanced every single day. With the right metrics, AI could now track and analyse your day-to-day work habits. The main intention here is to improve work productivity. Rize can help you with that.

Rize made a very smart move to combine AI with the Japanese time management technique. So, what is this technique called?

Pomodoro Technique

To enhance your ability to track your work habits efficiently, Rize adopts the Japanese time management technique known as the Pomodoro Technique. It will break your work into intervals, typically 25 minutes of focused work followed by short breaks, which encourages consistent focus on your current project. By incorporating structured breaks into your workflow, you can maintain productivity levels while preventing burnout and fatigue.

Rize users can view their overall work habit such as working hours and time spent on tasks and projects (Image: Rize)

Among its offerings, Rize stands out for its effectiveness in time management thanks to the following features:

Time Tracking

This feature can be similar to screen time. It will detect the amount of time that you have spent on the current window you are using. However, for browsers, it can track the amount of time spent on browsers, but not the amount of time spent on each url (or each tab) on the browser. In other words, if you open a Facebook page and another tab is YouTube, it cannot identify the amount of time spent only on YouTube. Hence, it will only count the time spent on the whole browser, not each tab of the browser.

Focus Mode

With Rize, you can enhance your focus by effortlessly blocking distracting sounds, websites, and apps. In addition, you have the flexibility to select which websites and apps remain accessible during your focus mode. Moreover, soothing focus music seamlessly accompanies your work tasks, enhancing concentration and fostering motivation to accomplish your objectives. Integrated with AI, Rize intelligently detects moments of distraction and provides proactive assistance to help you regain focus swiftly. It is like having a supportive coach guide you to stay on track and accomplish your work efficiently.

Build work habits

Rize will help you develop routines that help you work smarter and feel better. Studies have found that taking regular breaks during work can make you more productive. Rize helps with this by reminding you when it’s time to take a break and even blocking your screen so you can’t work during your break. This helps prevent you from getting tired out, stops work from taking over your whole day, and keeps you feeling refreshed when you go back to work after a break.

Rize will tell users what habits can be improved or eliminated to boost productivity and focus (Image: Rize)


In their latest update, just released on February 8th, Rize users can now be informed to enhance their productivity even more. Users will be provided with insights and personalized recommendations based on their work habits. With the new AI Productivity Coach, users receive timely nudges throughout the day, helping make their work more efficient. This virtual coach analyzes individual work habits and provides personalized insights and recommendations tailored to each user’s needs. Within the Insights tab, users can explore detailed analyses of their data and discover customized suggestions to optimize their workflow.

How do you know if you are being productive?

According to Rize, a productive day is characterized by significant blocks of uninterrupted focus time on deep work tasks, balanced with strategic breaks to prevent burnout. Minimal meeting time is ideal, with meetings grouped together to minimize disruptions. Visual representations provided by Rize, such as timelines and percentage breakdowns, offer clear insights into time allocation, enabling users to optimize productivity.

Rize also identifies potential overworking or meeting overload, prompting adjustments for sustainable work habits. Rize lets you adjust settings to fit how you work best. It helps you build good work habits, stay focused, and balance work and life better.

In summary, this new AI productivity coach, paired with the Japanese technique, promises to improve how people work. By using advanced technology and proven methods, it helps individuals manage their time better and stay focused on tasks. This combination offers a practical solution for boosting productivity and reaching goals more efficiently in today’s fast-paced world.

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