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Bill Gates Believe AI Will Reduce Working Hours To 3 Days A Week

Usually, we hear that companies are implementing four days of work per week, like Amazon and Buffer, even though this does not apply to all employees. Now it is possible that the working days will be three days per week, according to Bill Gates. This time, it is with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

He said, “If you get a society with three days of work a week eventually, then probably that’s okay,” to the question asking if AI will threaten jobs. He even said that there could be a situation where “machines can make all the food and the stuff.” This was on a conversation with comedian Trevor Noah on the “What Now Podcast”

Many are worried that AI will replace jobs. According to a recent survey, 44% of companies believe that AI will be replacing jobs next year. The worry increases when 37% of companies using AI have already laid off employees they no longer need. The Future of Jobs reports that AI will replace approximately 85 million jobs by the time 2025 arrives. Also, it is expected to have a new division of labor between humans and machines.

Even if his statement means that AI will not be fully replacing jobs, the users on the X platform are not feeling positive about it since their paychecks will be reduced too. One of the users replied to a post about what Bill Gates has said on X (formerly Twitter), saying that “Those paychecks are gonna suck too.” Only a few replies showed relief by sending a message of gratitude.

According to Fox Business, he also argued earlier this year that AI could provide major benefits to productivity, health care and education. His optimistic view on AI potential also continued when he recently discussed how AI assistants will be able to help with any activities in any area of life online.

“Another thing that’s clear to me is that the future of AI is not as grim as some people think or as rosy as others think. The risks are real, but I am optimistic that they can be managed,” he added.

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