This Entrepreneur Found His Ikigai and Now Only Works Four Hours a Day

Matt Gray, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of OS, who only works four hours a day, generates $730, 000 in a month and finding Ikigai is part of bringing him success. He journaled his passions and also read an international bestseller called Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. Before he found his Ikigai, he was trapped in a business journey that was not meant for him, leaving him exhausted.

What does ikigai mean?

The term Ikigai comes from the Japanese way of life to describe what makes you find joy, purpose and fulfillment in life. Ask this question to yourself: “What makes you get up in the morning?” Finding your own ikigai should involve these four elements, which are:

  • Passion: Things that you love and find joy in
  • Profession: Things that you are good at
  • Mission: Things the world needs
  • Vocation: Things that you can be paid for

The things that make up his ikigai

Without completing Ikigai, he would never come up with a business that would lead him to build an Automated Empire, an automation business system using AI, no-code tools for productivity and streamlined processes. If you are wondering what is this successful entrepreneur’s Ikigai, here they are:

  • Passion: Leveraging systems
  • Profession: Selling online education
  • Mission: Helping founders automate their business
  • Vocation: Solving what overwhelm founder

For a full view of his Ikigai, he shared them on X (formerly Twitter):

Awaken his inner child: Bringing passions to life

Finding your own Ikigai means that you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself through discovering where your heart leads and your purpose in life. Matt Gray understood this and he revisited what he wanted to be when he was a child. In the same post on X, he said:

“I reflected on my experience as a kid wanting to be a business builder.”

From his young age, he already has a big ambition, and that is what makes him motivated and thrive in the journey. It is not an easy path to make a childhood dream a reality, but he made it through with a strong determination and drive for success.


From Matt Gray’s inspiring story, it has been shown that it is crucial for entrepreneurs to get to know themselves better by reflecting what they are passionate about so they will be at the place that they are supposed to be. When one has found the right path, they will not only be at peace but also be full of abundance in life. Therefore, finding Ikigai is one of the helpful ways to discover and understand yourself better so that you are able to be motivated and be more driven to reach the goals that you desire to reach.

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