Small Business Owners Grateful for Deals Like Cyber Monday

The existence of deals such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday helps the small businesses in Hazard, Kentucky, thrive. The local owners there said that Black Friday deals don’t end only on Friday and Cyber Monday deals don’t only last on that particular day.

One of the small business owners, Joey McKenney, is the Appalachian Apparel Company owner. He said that Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity for people to support local businesses from anywhere in the country.

Black Friday poster by Appalchian Apparel Co posted on their Instagram page (Image: appapparelco on Instagram)

Joey is grateful for the online community that made it all possible. “Through the years, we’ve gained customers in all 50 states and eight different countries,” he said. Due to that, he thanks all of the customers that shop with his business who are coming from near and far places.

Starting as an online-only brand, they’ve flourished and even set up shop in downtown Hazard, becoming a key player in the city’s growth. He also said that it was all due to all of the responses and support for the brand. With that, they are able to grow and open a storefront in the downtown area and be a part of the building blocks that they have always seen there. “We were one of the first stores down here,” McKenney said.

Shannon Gabbard, co-owner of Coal Country Candles, echoes the sentiment, expressing gratitude for those who champion Appalachian businesses. “We also have a lot of customers who were originally from this area who have now relocated, or they live in a different region of Appalachia. They are often looking for Appalachian-based companies and products. So, we are happy we have redesigned our website this last year and we have really seen growth in traffic,” she said.

The website helps people from other places shop online and in person. Their website makeover has brought more eyes, especially from Appalachia’s scattered communities, looking for a touch of home.

Shannon emphasizes how community support fuels their ability to give back—to schools, local charities, and events. “We appreciate each and every order that comes through and we do a lot in the community to support schools, local charities and events. That’s not possible without those purchases,” she said.

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