The 5 Timeless Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Possess

On the path to success, entrepreneurs face various situations to develop their businesses. At some point, it can be quite unpleasant to face, and entrepreneurs who knows how to handle them will be able to reach the goal they desire. To be able to overcome the entrepreneurial journey, here are the five essential qualities that are found in the Big Five personality traits:

High level of openness

Entrepreneurs who are open tend to be more accepting of new ideas, adventures, have a high level of curiosity, and are often good at imagination. This makes them work better with their teams and with other people. They are willing to listen to others’ perspectives. They believe the insights that they get will help improve the accuracy of business decision-making and risk assessment. They also do not prefer to stay stagnant in the same place and would like to explore other new solutions. This kind of trait benefits their own business with innovative solutions that serve their customers with a high level of satisfaction.

A degree of extraversion

People with higher extraversion, also known as extroverts, are generally better at building connections with people. It is an essential trait so that they can present themselves to the world, where networking, pitching ideas are important. However, people with low extraversion can also thrive as entrepreneurs. In fact, successful leaders such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are introverts. With the right way in manage their work and energy levels, they could effectively maximize their potential to be successful entrepreneurs.

High emotional intelligence

Entrepreneurs frequently face high stress, which can come from uncertainty about the future and unexpected challenges. Those who possess emotional resilience are less likely to be fazed by it. Instead of being overwhelmed or giving up in the face of challenges, resilient individuals are able to maintain their composure, adapt, and continue moving forward despite obstacles. Also, they are able to make decisions wisely and accurately in high-pressure situations since they are able to manage their composure. In facing failures, instead of dwelling on regrets, they will try to find better solutions and improve their products or services. This allows them to bounce back quickly, even during challenging times.

High conscientiousness

Often seen as a valuable trait, conscientious individuals have a stronger work ethic, are reliable, and make sure their work is done well. They don’t complete the work just by completing it; rather, they do it by heart. Unlike a perfectionist, conscientiousness put more priority in completing tasks thoroughly and efficiently without the extreme self-imposed pressure or fear of making mistakes often associated with perfectionism.

High agreeableness

Entrepreneurs who have this trait are more likely to gain trust from others and tend to be more empathetic toward others. This comes from their character, that is seen as approachable and trustworthy. They are not that comfortable with conflict; thus, their desire for harmony is high for people with this trait. Due to their cooperative nature, they are the perfect people to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Hence, they surround themselves with harmonious relationships with others. While this is a good trait to maintain professional connections, they need to be aware that they should not sacrifice themselves in order to please others or just go with what others have to decide. They must balance their cooperative nature with the ability to make firm, sometimes difficult, decisions. Being upfront and assertive when necessary ensures that they can lead effectively and maintain the health and direction of their business. This balance is crucial for sustainable success and long-term growth.


It’s important to note that not all successful entrepreneurs fit all of the traits. Since personality traits exist on a spectrum, a combination of traits can contribute to entrepreneurial success. Developing skills and cultivating a growth mindset should be a priority for entrepreneurs to keep getting better each day.

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