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Islamic Company Culture: Here is Why You Should Implement It In Your Company

From Islam perspectives, there are certain values which put great importance to be put in a daily practice, whether it is business or personal conduct. Example of these values include responsibility, privacy, trust, accountability, mercy towards humans, animals and environment. This mirrored that Islam emphasizes these values to be incorporated into everyday life.

Organizational culture has been defined as “the way things are done” which involves the expectations, experiences and philosophy from the organization itself. How it differ between normal organizational culture and Islam in terms of their purpose is that the normal organizational culture goal is to describe the norms and behaviors as to encourage success of the organization. Meanwhile, Islamic culture goal is to provide moral and ethical guidance which aligns with Islamic principles. By integrating Islamic principles into the company culture, these values will increase the well-being and productivity of employees. For this reason, these principles will contribute to more than just a sustainable business ecosystem but a significant contribution to the world economy.

Thus, here is why you should implement Islamic company culture in the company:

Ethical Working Environment

By incorporating ethical values such as honesty, integrity and respect in the working environment, this will create a trust and transparency within the employees and stakeholders. Establishing trust and transparency will build a strong bond within the people in the company which will produce many benefits. We do not want to create unnecessary tensions in the air when there is an issue to confront. Hiding issues will create resentment and can break the relationship within the employees and stakeholders. By implementing these values, everything will be discuss with full transparency that will foster trust.

A diverse background could create conflicts such as having different cultures that could cause misunderstandings. Some of the words that is used can sound humorous, but may offend others. However, a company with an ethical environment with a sense of understanding will treat every each of the individual without discriminations, but with respects, regardless or their gender, race or their backgrounds. This will bring inclusivity which will not leaving any person out, making them feel seen, heard and worthy.


Islamic companies usually offer flexibility to their own employees regardless of their culture and backgrounds. For example, companies will provide accommodations for employees who are practicing Islam to have an extra time allocated for them and a clean space to do their daily prayers. However, this will also applies to the non-Muslim employees. By having an open discussion between the employers and employees, they can express their needs according to their religious practice.

While the normal company culture also offers flexibility, Islamic company culture also offer the same thing such as having work-life balance which can require the employees to work remotely, flexible working hours, continuous learning and wellness programs. From these, the stress management will be easier to manage. This is due to a great reduced of stress level from having flexibility to include activities such as meditation, yoga and prayers that will bring ease to the mind and body.

Islamic culture encourages this balance to fulfill the religious responsibilities which includes in taking care of the family that will be put as an importance. Enhanced well-being due to the provided flexibility will enhance satisfaction that goes beyond mere contentment—it fuels a deeper commitment to their roles, their colleagues, and the company’s overall mission.

Long-Term Vision

As the whole world are full of uncertainties, having a long-term vision is beneficial for business practices who long for stability in their business. To implement Islamic cultures such as patience, respect and having other good etiquettes, leaders who priotize these values will be crucial for the well-being of the team members and hold themselves accountable for their decisions.

A leader with a long term vision are known as visionary leaders who priotize a good communication. An example of a leader having a long term global vision is, currently a leader owns a company that specializes in developing sustainable technologies for renewable energy solutions. Their long-term vision is to be a leader in sustainable energy innovation, revolutionizing the way the world harnesses and utilizes renewable resources to create a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. This long term vision will enhance and strengthen the company’s reputation as well as sustainability impact to the world.

However, be careful from getting into a short term realities since this will bring stress to the management and the team. Hence, this is why leaders need to be considerate of succession planning. Leaders also need to prepare mitigations for the vision to be effective and successful.





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