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How to Draw Muslim Customers to Your Food Business?

Have you ever seen a crowd of people in a restaurant who happen to be Muslim? How did this restaurant manage to become a favorite spot for them? What steps did they take to ensure their business was not just welcoming but a preferred choice for Muslim customers?

Here are some of the strategies that you could follow:

Obtain Halal certification

Muslim customers need to be confident in knowing whether the foods and drinks are from a halal source. Displaying a halal sticker after obtaining halal certification can attract Muslim visitors to your restaurant. When a business obtains a halal certification, this means they are not only halal but also hygienic. This refers to a term called thayyib, according to research stating that it has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Thayyib refers to everything good, clean, decent, and of high quality.

Provide useful facilities

Muslims need to perform their daily prayers and searching for prayer rooms can be quite a struggle. Unlike non-majority Muslim countries, in Malaysia, mosques and prayer rooms are easily accessible almost anywhere in the country. Despite that, it is still a good idea to provide prayer rooms and washrooms since they can attract Muslim customers.

Keep up with the latest event

Pay attention to important festive seasons such as Ramadan, Hari Raya and Eid Al-Adha, which attract Muslim customers. This is especially true during Ramadan, where iftar and suhoor halal meals could be beneficial for Muslim travelers. On other festive occasions, businesses could provide exclusive set meals, discounts or a new menu that caters to their preferences.

Have good business practices

Not only Muslims, but all customers are drawn to businesses that have good business practices. Ensure that you do not make misleading claims about your food or services being Muslim-friendly. Specifically, do not claim that your offerings are Halal if you do not have a current and valid Halal certification. Other business practices, such as reducing food waste through many options, could also bring a good image to the business. For instance, some restaurants are partnering with other organizations to donate safe leftover food to those in need.

Collaborate with influencers or bloggers

In this digital era, online presence is the fastest way for businesses to gain the visibility of an audience from all over the world. Impactful individuals online, such as influencers and bloggers with a larger Muslim audience, can help businesses promote their offerings through authentic content. Through their contents, it can reach potential customers who are looking for Halal food and beverage options when traveling or searching for new Halal places, especially food vloggers.

Seek their feedback

Adding to the other strategies above is knowing what your customers’ needs and preferences are so that your business can cater to them. With valuable feedback, you can effectively improve your menu, services, ambiance, and facilities. When your business gets a higher rating, you will not only boost your reputation, but more people will become interested in visiting and trying your offerings.


Attracting Muslim customers to your food business requires attentive details. Create a welcoming environment by offering halal-certified menu items, providing a clean prayer space, training staff on Islamic etiquette, and focusing on targeted marketing. Stay updated on Islamic festive events to adapt your menu to stand out among competitors. These practices establish your food business as a preferred halal destination for them to satisfy their appetites and cravings.

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