How This Aspiring Entrepreneur Quit From Being a Doctor

Aimen Saifullah used to be a doctor, but now she creates content for entrepreneurs that also balances Islam with her. Her journey inspires many because she moved from the safe world of medicine to the risky world of entrepreneurship. Through her blog, she shares her experiences and gives advice to people who want to follow their dreams. Aimen’s story shows that with courage and belief in yourself, you can achieve anything.

Aimen’s journey began in 2018 when she started a blog, now known as Muslim Empowerment, while working as a junior doctor. In 2020, she left medicine and started creating contents that generated 50 to 80,000 views a month, gaining a mass of followers of over 30,000 views and 10,000 email subscribers.

Just like many others starting out, she had doubts and fears about whether her business would succeed. But instead of letting those fears stop her, she faced them directly. She decided to learn more about herself and grow through the challenges she faced.

What inspires her to leave her career as a doctor?

Desire for autonomy
Aimen yearned for more control over her own life and schedule. As a doctor who works from 9 to 5, she finds herself exhausted and has little time for herself and her own family. Being a doctor not only limits her autonomy, but it also contributes to burnout.

Getting more fulfillment in producing content
Even though she finds that there are times when it feels amazing to be a doctor, the level of joy does not reach a level of satisfaction. She finds more joy in producing content, designing programs, offering services and connecting with other like-minded Muslims.

“Entrepreneurship teaches the uncertainty, harshness, abundance, and joy of life, all at the same time and in a way a 9-5 simply can’t.”

Align with her personal values and passions
As an entrepreneur, she grows every day, both as a Muslim and as an entrepreneur. She sought a career path that allowed her to integrate her faith, values, and interests more seamlessly, which she found lacking in her role as a doctor. Her new path leads her to a greater opportunity for creative expression.

“For me, writing, speaking, teaching, and learning about life are the only constants I’ve always craved and would do even if I don’t get paid for it.”

Overcoming the fear of starting a business

Just like any other aspiring entrepreneur, she has a dream. The thing is, having a dream means you will start to think about the future; you will start to question your own abilities. Hence, she has these negative thoughts, such as “What if I fail?” “What if this cannot work?” For her, the biggest mindset that will stop people from starting is, “What if I’m not good enough?” Hence, she advises her blog that the simple way to solve this mental block is to improve and be committed to achieving business goals until they lead to success.

The power of mindset and commitment

She said that entrepreneurship helps someone reach their full potential. Central to Aimen’s success as an entrepreneur was her unwavering commitment and mindset. She knows that many entrepreneurs have this kind of sentiment.

“Entrepreneurship is so much more about self-development and mindset than it is about business tactics.”

By embracing uncertainty, overcoming challenges, and staying true to her values, she was able to chart her own path to success.


Even when her journey is not easy, as she comes from a family of doctors, she manages to get off the life path that does not give her fulfillment. Aimen actively balances her faith and content creation. She integrates Islamic principles and teachings into her work as an entrepreneur, blogger, and coach. As she transitioned into creating content, she continued to infuse her content with Islamic wisdom, sharing insights on topics such as online entrepreneurship, productivity, tech systems, and the Muslim mindset. Her dedication to integrating her faith into her professional career serves as an inspiration for fellow Muslims.

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