Bill Gates Believes We Are at the Beginning of AI’s Transition

Bill Gates predicts that AI will have improvements in areas such as education and mental health after seeing that 2023 showed a glimpse of AI’s future. As we have known AI is thriving and has been on trend. AI has been evolving rapidly ever since several years ago, between 2015 and 2017. According to Forbes, AI showed signs of growth when AI startups increased 2.1 times from January 2015 to January 2018.

Bill Gates has thoughts on what the world will be like for his granddaughter a few decades from now. He is optimistic about how AI will shape the world in the future. Since he is a full-time philanthropist, he did a lot of thinking on how to help other people be more productive.

He had an amazing experience with the OpenAI team in 2022. He challenged them to train AI with AP Bio to pass an Advanced Placement Biology exam. The challenge was completed within just a few months, resulting in the GPT getting the highest score, which impressed him. From what he has seen there, he is immersed in thinking about the future of AI. Other than increasing people’s productivity, he could see how AI could reduce many of the world’s worst inequities.

“The early years of a new age are often marked by lots of changes,” he says, referring to what happened at the beginning of the internet, which will be the same with AI. Then, he mentioned on his personal blog how the internet has become common over time and is slowly incorporating into people’s everyday lives. Suddenly, the internet has surrounded people and become the most important part of thriving in this modern era, which may also happen with AI.

But, of course, we do not have much to complain about. If we are looking at the state that we are currently in, we are using AI to smooth out our daily tasks. The only ongoing concern is the unethical use of AI and the advancement of AI that may replace humans. Bill Gates is also hoping for the same thing. He wished that AI would not bring more harm to this world.

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