AI-Powered Dog Collar Let Dogs Bark Only When Necessary

Having a furry friend is great to be around; however, it can become a concern when they start to behave excessively, such as by barking too much. Behavior problems that result from an excessive amount of barking could disturb the peace of an environment. Even though it is teachable, most of the time it is not that effective. With the new AI technology called HushPuppy, pet owners will worry less. It will make the dog learn gradually when to bark and when not to.

HushPuppy collar help dogs bark at necessary times (Image: ONCHIP.AI LLC)

HushPuppy is implemented with Tiny AI models designed for edge computing. What is meant by edge computing is that it involves processing and analyzing data that is closer to the source of the data. In this situation, the source of data is the barking behavior of the dog. The dog collar emits a harmless, mild battery static stimulus when the dog barks. It will hear or feel the stimulus, which will make it learn to quiet down. However, there is no option to adjust the level of electricity for the stimulus, as it is designed to not cause harm to the dog. Other harmless features include using an AAA battery and conductive silicone gel that is soft on the skin to provide stimulus. Its lifespan is very long, up to 300 days in standby scenarios with a low-energy standby mode when no barking is detected. If it is used daily, it will last for 21 days.

Warning mode (white LED) contain mild static stimulus, while in training mode (blue LED), it will vibrates and beep (Image: ONCHIP.AI LLC)

The Tiny AI models will only detect the sound of the dog barking and not other sounds such as people talking, alarms or car horns. Even barking from other dogs will not be heard since it will ignore barking coming from 1.5 meters away. This uses the Near-Field Sound Filter (NFSF). With Adaptive Sound Detection (ASD) and High Precision Computational Audio (HPCA) technology, the barking of the dog will also be detected in a noisy environment.

It has been proven, with a 99.1% accuracy rate, that the behavior conditioning loop of the Pavlovian dog has proven its effectiveness. The dog training became more consistent with the flawlessness of HushPuppy’s collar classical conditioning loop.

With this AI-powered technology from HushPuppy, dog owners could save a lot of stress from manually training the dogs and from excessive barking.

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