Young Viewers Now Prefer YouTube Over Netflix

Netflix has been a very popular streaming platform ever since it offered the service in 2007. Ten years later, it has expanded over 190 countries, with millions of subscribers within and outside of U.S. Just

Despite CoComelon being an American YouTube channel, the 3D animation series has become the most streamed children’s entertainment program on Netflix. It has been watched for 601 million hours, according to Business Insider.

CoComelon, a 3D animation that is recognized by children (Image: CoComelon)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is shifting gears as children increasingly go to the YouTube platform. Children ages 2 to 11 are no longer going on Netflix. Nielsen data showed a drop in streaming viewership from 25% to 21% in September compared to two years ago. This means that the strategy that was used previously is no longer working. Streamers have to invest in other content rather than the children’s content on their platform.

Also, a survey revealed YouTube’s dominance over Netflix, according to The Economic Times. Investment bank Piper Sandler’s survey showed 29.1% of teenagers in the U.S. consume video on YouTube compared to Netflix, with 28.7%. There is only a small percentage difference but the shift is significant to the world of digital consumption. Even though the percentage showed the two platforms are close competitors, another competitor was found by the survey. It unveils TikTok as their most favorable social media platform for 38% of teens.

According to Michael Hirsh, co-founder of WOW Unlimited Media and a Canadian animator, entertainment businesses have recognized that children prefer short-form content to longer episodes available on streaming services. He noted, “These viewers are watching on their iPads or on other platforms that have moved to shorter and shorter segments, and it’s a real issue for the streamers.”

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